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Friday, December 28, 2007

Why I'm Still So In Love...With Whole Foods Market

Just look at this baby. Ain't it purty?

A gorgeous little piece of fruit ART! I had to buy it! It IS all about the presentation, yes? And then, of course, the flavor. I could see that this one was put together with much thought and a lil' bit of luv....

That's why I'm still soooo hooked on Whole Foods Market. I should become their damn spokesperson, I'm so into them. Every time I stop by, there's something else there that delights me, and ends up coming home with me. This cantaloupe half, scooped out and filled with blue, rasp, and strawberries, by the way, was YUMMY. ;)

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Sarah said...

I've been to a Whole Foods market once when I was in New York. I wish they had them near where I live!

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