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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Ten Fattest

I love this time of the year, because that's when all the list wizards come out with their best and worst lists of everything you can imagine. This list of the 10 fattest states in America caught my eye. Not too many surprises here to me, but props to Pennsylvania for dropping off the list. I distinctly remember when they had Philadelphia listed as the fattest city in the country. Been working out, Philly? ;)

The Ten Fattest States in America

1 Mississippi
2 Alabama
3 West Virginia
4 Louisiana
5 Tennessee
6 South Carolina
7 Kentucky
8 Arkansas
9 Michigan
10 Indiana

Now, I can't help but notice that most of those are southern states, and I must tell you, I'm not surprised. Not to insult my southern neighbors, but I know a little bit about southern lifestyle since my family is from the south.

There is just less activity, more fattening things to eat, and walking is virtually non existent in places like this, because you go everywhere by car. When I go to visit my fam, and we go to the mall or anyplace that requires walking, they're pretty much over it after less than an hour and want to go sit and eat somewhere.
When in North Carolina I saw more morbidly obese people per square mile than I'd ever seen in my life. The thing is, being grossly overweight is more accepted down there.
No one even looks at you twice if you're weighing in at over 300.

But in the big mean city, being fat ain't so nice. Lots of pressure here. And backlash! On the positive side, there is more opportunity to be active in a myriad of physical activities in highly populated, pedestrian friendly cities like New York, and you don't necessarily have to drive everywhere.

All I can say is, these places in the old south need to open up more recreation centers, and fast. Perhaps a few more gyms, too.
Also, get rid of the hush puppies, y'all. And the biscuits and gravy. lol
It's hard to break those eating habits when that's what you've grown up with, I know, but when it's a matter of life and death, you'd damn sure better start thinking about it. I'm rooting for you, southerners. Get it together! Your life depends on it!

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