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Monday, February 11, 2008

Grown Women Do NOT Fall Apart at the Sight of a Teddy Bear!!!

UGH!!! The next time I see another one of those ridiculous Vermont Teddy Bear ads that they're running for Valentine's day, I'm gonna vomit!!

You know the ones; a woman receives her 'gift' in front of her co workers and opens it, and then these waaayy over the top 'oooooohs', 'aaaaahhhhs' and 'OOOOHHHHHS' ensue. The women totally LOSE it, and go on and ON about how damn cute the bear is and WHAT A GUY this man must be that gave it to her. PUH-LEEZE!!! You'd think she'd just opened up a box with a 5 carat diamond in it, the reaction is so over the top! The entire office loses its damn mind, and guys from surrounding cubicles then rush to a phone to dial up and get a bear for THEIR woman so they can get that same reaction when they get home. Yeah, sure...um hmmmm.

Another one shows all types of folks posing with these bears, holding onto them like little life rafts keeping them afloat on some invisible sea of love. In the background, some smarmy song written just for the occasion drones on and on. There's actually a good two minutes of this hell....they pulled out the big budget for airtime for it. I immediately put my TV on MUTE when these commercials appear, so I won't die from cheesiness overkill.

Let me tell you something...you show up at my door on V Day with a damn teddy bear, dressed as anything, know that you won't be getting ANY that night, papi! Just explain to me how a fuzzy, fake bear is supposed to make me get all sexy and want to lay it on ya. Sorry, buddy, it won't! The marketing of this concept has just gone way too far. They're leading you down the wrong path. Trust me on that!

Get this. Women do not fall apart at the sight of a teddy bear. Give us some damn credit, pleeease! I don't think even teenage girls go to pieces over them as much as they did years ago. Face it, there's so much cooler, sexier, more romantic stuff you can get for your lady, and women, for the guy. Getting a guy one of those silly bears would be just as dumb. Don't do it! Use your brain! What do women really like? By the same token, what do guys really like? Then break it down to what is YOUR man/woman really into? Start right there, and you're on the way to making a good choice.

Once again, women do not fall to pieces over teddy bears. I can't say it enough. With a few exceptions,of course, but honey, let's get real. You'd better be showing up with some lingerie, champagne, and yes, chocolates still work. A box of Godivas can melt me anytime. Especially the chocolate dipped strawberries! I'll also never say no to a nice, tasteful piece of jewelry. Or even better yet, just a romantic night out with a few special touches thrown in here and there. Use your imagination, dude.

The thing is, a woman wants something that shows that you know her at least a little.
What she likes, what she's into. What she wants. I once received a book for V Day, "The Art of Happiness" by the Dali Lama. In a beautiful red box, wrapped in red silk, along with a long stemmed red rose. THAT touched me in ways you won't believe. Because it took some insight on this person's part to know that such a gift would be as appreciated by me as it was. And still is. And the presentation was flawless.

It's not about spending a ton of money on a girl or guy, for that matter. It's about showing that you used your brain, your heart and your best instincts, and THEN made your choice.
I want to see that you've at least gotten a glimpse into my soul, and you get it. THAT's what turns me on.

So guys (and girls), don't fall for these damn cheesy bear ads. I know they're trying to do business, but damn! You gotta come better than that to win THIS girl's heart! And any one else's as well.

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durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Fitness Diva,

You are absolutely correct. You can really tell if someone knows you or is interested in knowing more about you by the well thought out present on such a day as Valentines.

Knowing what the receiver would appreciate is a good sign that the giver is observant, insightful, and is obviously attuned into the other person. An intelligent post for such an event that is celebrated by many without thinking. --Durano, done!

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your great blog, a lot of interesting posts to read in here hereafter :-)

The Fitness Diva said...

Thanks, Lisa!

I'll have to drop in on yours as well. Come back again!

And thanks as always, Durano, for the great comment and compliment! ;)

aphotog said...

Amen sister! Glad somebody got that out there. And I want to include...not all of us want a freakin $99 diamond necklace of the season.

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