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Friday, March 28, 2008

OK. Ragga is What's Up!

Your girl, Fitness Diva always has her ear to the ground to learn what's new and hot in fitness. You would think that everything has already been done, but hey, there's always something new to get us excited and ready to jump up outta that chair!

IMO, Ragga class is something to seriously check out. I'm looking to find me one right now so I can process it and bring it to my own peeps in a class. I also need to get on the Caribbean music video channel pronto. I actually used to teach a Reggae dance class quite a few years ago, but I let that go when it became all about kick boxing for me. Been slackin' a bit! My wine has gotten a bit rusty, so I'ma have ta fix that! Check this out! It's a SIZZLA'!

Another hot class!

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Lifesinger™ said...

Uhhh, if ah ain't mistaken, ain't
we been dancin' like that all along? *teasing* :D

Hey, FD! I really enjoyed this post, your site, and plan to visit again. Blessings, ~~Life

The Fitness Diva said...

Yeah, I'm thinking you're right, Life! It's interesting how everything becomes more trendy at one time or another, especially in fitness.

Thanks for stopping by! :)

aphotog said...

i like the carribean dance class on fitness channel...i've never seen reggae anywhere, interesting.. it seems easier than the funk class i went to...i walked out when the last dance move was to stand on our heads

James Tubman said...

i wasn't able to see the film but i think that's an interesting idea

what kind of moves do you do in carribean dance class

The Fitness Diva said...

Hey, photog...I think that would have been my cue to walk out too! lol
I haven't done headstands in YEARS!
Guess that let's you know I'm not a yoga person either, because the last time I saw one was watching a yoga class.
James, I'm sorry you couldn't see the vid! It's a nice little piece.
The moves you do are the same as the ones done in popular reggae and caribbean dance, but more choreographed and mixed in with some basic dance movements.
But the music is what sets it all off! A real fun class! I'm catching some memories..... ;)

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

My son and I tried this stuff by playing the video you have here in our computer. I outlasted him! I couldn't believe it. I guess he's not eating healthy and his work (IT Programmer) does not give him much time for a workout. Or he was just not interested in challenging an "old man".

We did sweat a lot, but he was panting like a dry horse. we played it 4 times. Thanks. :-)--Durano, done!

Urban Thought said...

That's the move right there. Good thing is those ladies can take that to the club with them if need be. Not to mention your sex life becomes a little more interesting. Especially when you get that wine down. Love a woman who knows how to move her hips.

The Fitness Diva said...

Work it, Durano!! LOL. I'm glad you showed your son a thing or two when it comes to endurance, and yes, IT workers tend to be a bit slack in the fitness department. I mean, they basically sit on their butts all day in front of a computer screen!
The savvy ones make it to the gym, though.... I love me an IT guy that works out! ;)

Yeah, Urban, I'm sure the girls also show off some of those same moves at the club. That's why ya gotta diversify that portfolio of yours....whip stuff out on people that they're just not expecting! ;)

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