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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Prime Time Love!

I am a BIG Deion Sanders fan. Have always loved and admired his talent, his style, and his larger than life personality. Like Bo Jackson, Deion played for the NFL and major league baseball. Of the 5 NFL teams he played for, he won his Superbowl rings with the Cowboys and the 49ers. Becoming an NFL commentator as his career was tapering off was a natural for Deion with his megawatt charisma and charm. Appearing on the Sunday night highlights show NFL GameDay and NFL Total Access, he's easily the most enjoyable sports personality on these shows. Does anybody remember his "Sanders Clause" bit he'd do at the end of the year? Damn funny!

So now Deion and his wife Pilar have thrown their hats into the reality show pool, which these days seems to be endless. I just have to say, his wife is HELLA GORGEOUS, and you can tell for sure SHE WORKS OUT! After having had 3 of Deion's 5 kids, that woman still looks amazing! She also seems to have a bit of personality herself. Hey, would Deion "Prime Time" Sanders really have it any other way? After watching the show tonight, I think his wife is pretty darn cool. Go, Pilar!

By the way, you won't meet a nicer celeb than Deion. I met him a few years ago in Times Square. He came into a fast food restaurant that I was in (I won't say which one, and ya can't make me! :) ), and he was just SO down to earth it was ridiculous!
Not only did he come inside, but he ate his meal right there in the plastic seats like the rest of us. People went NUTS!!! And when they started coming up to him asking for autographs, he obliged, with NOT ONE BIT of attitude. A girl asked for a picture with him, and without blinking an eye, he stood up and allowed it. Before it became a photo op for the entire restaurant, his bodyguard/driver shut it down by saying "Okay, people, let the man eat his food. He's been very nice." And he had been. Amazingly so.
I became an even bigger Deion Sanders fan that day. He will always have my vote!

Check out Prime Time Love with Deion, Pilar and the Sanders family. They were actually pretty funny. I now have a new guilty little pleasure to look forward to on Tuesday nights! Yay! ;)

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durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Fitness Diva,

Pilar is beautiful! You're right, she works out and her body is well chiseled. Shapely even after 3 kids. WOW!

Deion's delivery and lines does not do him justice here. He looks and sounds lethargic in the short dialogue shown here. I guess is better at the football field than at home or acting. LOL! :-) --Durano, done!

Urban Thought said...

I saw the ads in the train station but missed it. I'm sure it will be on all week. If not I can always catch it on the web.

That is great you got to see him in the flesh. You can tell the true nature of the famous when you catch them in a regular setting. They are either really cool and down to earth or real crabs to the point that they want to snap your neck off with a single look.

The Fitness Diva said...

Yeah, Pilar has it going on, Durano.
I can't wait to see what those two will be up to in the next episodes. To me they make an awesome couple!
Deion has suffered quite a few injuries during his career, the last being a serious thigh strain that he's still recovering from. Can't blame him if he's a little "slow" these days!
Urban, it was such a great experience to see him out amongst the people like that. The last famous person I got to be around that had that much charisma and charm was President Bill Clinton, who I saw by happenstance coming out of a townhouse on the upper east side on 72nd St, flanked by all manner of secret service and body guards some years ago.
Another gracious, generous, personable kind of guy. Like Deion, Bill stood and shook hands with every person that offered their hand to him before his people cleared them away so he could exit.
The amount of charisma and class both of these guys had when dealing with the public left quite an impression. I'll never forget either.

Jewells said...

Great! Now another show to add to the DVR. =)

That's cool of him. Glad the bodyguard stepped in because people don't know how to appreciate a persons' niceness.

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