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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Watching it Wednesday

So, I'm being a really good girl, eating what I'm supposed to, and just looking forward to the weekend. I need to get my butt in the gym and do a killer workout, which I'm going to get on as soon as I do some laundry. Three and four day weekends can really throw off the rhythm of your routine a bit, and it takes an extra day or two to get it all back together.

I started off my day with my Finn Crisps, feta and strawberries, along with a giant glass of Crystal light raspberry tea. That's how I'm rolling now. Got my salads all lined up, and tonight I will have some pan seared chicked breasts with either broccoli or some green beans. Snacking will consist of almonds that I keep on the table next to my laptop. So, I'm set! ;)

By the way, I'm always trying to figure out how to keep strawberries longer. I can't keep them for more than 2 days before they start rotting. I've kept them out on the counter, in the fridge, I've frozen them (which is okay, but not the best since I really like them fresh). How the hell can I keep them for at least 3 or 4 days? Is it even possible? I get tired of having to eat them all up within a short time period. Guess they're one of those things that you just need to buy fresh every other day

So my biggest decision right now is whether to go roller blade for about an hour, go to the park with my jump rope, or go to the gym and hit the BOSU. Decisions, decisions.
Be sure to get your workout in today, okay? Each one counts. It's like putting money in the bank, baby! ;)

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Model Reicha said...

In order to keep your strawberries fresh longer, try vacum sealing them. Its the air that rots them quickly so try storing them in the fridge vacum sealed. They sell those little vacum sealing machines at target, walmart, and definitely bed, bath and beyond.
I LOVE strawberries also!

The Fitness Diva said...

Thanks for the tip, Reicha. That will probably help me keep quite a few things a bit longer. I hate buying stuff like yellow squash and zucchini only to see it go to waste if I forget it for a couple days.
Will try this thing for sure! ;)

Ricardo said...

Hey there. Found your blog through Urban Observation's site. Funny you should write about this because I love strawberries and I just had a whole box of them rot before I could eat a single one. This happened yesterday. I was not happy. I will try model reicha's advise.

The Fitness Diva said...

See? You stopped by for a reason, Ricardo!
You needed that tip! ;)

Thanks for dropping in!

Akira said...

Hi fitness diva, thanks for your constant support at my blog. Appreciate it very much!

Well, wow, you're really hard on your workouts! As for me, I guess I've done quite a lot for the past few days strolling the city of Hanoi and trekking up the hill to a pagoda which made my clothes drenched in sweat.

Gonna blog about the trip some of these days. Thanks for the compliment on the photos! There's definitely more coming your way.

Tammy said...

You mentioned salad and I need some salad help. I love to eat them, but I never know what to, and not to, put in and on my salad. I usually have spinach salad with grilled chicken, brocolli, olives, fresh brocolli, cucumbers, and sometimes mushrooms if I can find them. I want to expand...

Urban Thought said...

I missed my work out yesterday. I was exhausted from work. I just hit the GNC and re-upped on my supplements (discount days).

So I'm back in action and ready to do my thing. A two day break doesn't hurt right? Please tell me it doesn't? I've been really good lately. Even while on vacation. Working out every day and doing my thing.

You keep me motivated. I have to get my almonds. I normally get two bags from Whole Foods to hold me down during the day along with bottles of water.

So which cardio scheme did you decide on?

The Fitness Diva said...

Two days will not kill it, Urban, but on the third day, you gotta knock out a good one. Make yourself PAY. lol

I ended up doing some killer weights and intervals of jump rope. When I say killer, I mean complex weight exercises, where you're working both arms and legs at the same time.
Like lunges and overhead dumb bell lifts together.
Squats and bicep curls.
Side squat with back flys
Dead lift-jerk presses with a heavy bar, etc

A few sets of that with minimum rest and some type of cardio exercise intervals in between, and you'll be sweating in no time!

Be careful with the almonds. They ARE high calorie (the brand I get packs 480 cals, 390 of those cals FAT in the entire 3.0 oz bag). I wouldn't do more than 1/2 bag a day, and that's already a lot as far as the fat cals are concerned. But since I'm working out, it's kinda okay. It's the good fat with those, anyway.

But they do hit the spot, don't they? I chug water with mine too.
Keeps me from grabbing other, more sinful things! ;)

Shelia said...

The primary funk to strawberries in this day is that most fresh fruit is FROZEN!! Technically, it's not fresh fruit. If you can, find a farmer's market or a whole foods store. Some place that sells literally fresh fruit.

Ricardo said...

Yep it was super valuable. There was a reason I came here and that was it. It's a ritual of mine to eat a bown of grapes and strawberries post workout. The grapes must be seedless. I figure it's better than counting on Gatorade.

M. said...

For the strawberries, they sell these little green bags now that will keep them fresh for up to a week. They say thirty days but I wouldn't try it that long.

I am ashamed to say how long it's been since I've seen the inside of a gym. I used to do three miles every morning, but I go too much going on now. I need to get back at it.

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