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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Agility and Quickness Drills With the Ladder

If you want to develop fast foot speed, the ability to cut and run on a dime and improve your agility, then ladder drills are the thing. I've been doing these with some of my clients lately, and it's not only challenging, but also a different and fun way to get in some cardio on top of all of the aforementioned benefits. I also use these in my sports conditioning classes. The only difference is, I use a ladder that's twice as long as this one. Yeah, I like to bring the pain! My class members will tell you. Just ask 'em! Looovve to see them suckin' wind after I send them through the ladder a good couple dozen rounds. Hey, it always looks fun from where I'm standing! ;)

If you see one of these in your gym, grab it, lay it out and just play around with it. Here are some basic drills that you can use to get started! Have fun, and don't forget your towel. You're going to be sweating your brains out after a mere few minutes.... :)

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Ricardo said...

LOL! OMG Fitness Diva, let me say right now how glad I am that I am not in one of your classes. People don't know how hard these kinds of things are but having done them in my day....I KNOW!!! This kind of stuff hurts and what's bad is that it seems like it's not much but it is.

Bryan said...

Another great post!..really enjoyed reading your blog..looking to read more from you..thanks for the helpful infos about health!

Anonymous said...

Wow what a great idea! "When", I used to take my hubby out training we just used baby witches hats to upp his agility, but that you can do so very much more with :)

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