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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hello, Breakfast!

For the past few weeks, I've been entertaining a new love! From the moment we met, we bonded like Polygrip to dentures, and there's no end in sight. We are inseparable...
I really had NO idea that I'd be this much in love...

I also had no idea that I would EVER be pushing anything made by Dunkin Donuts!! What the??? :O

The new love that I'm talking about is their egg white, spinach and turkey sausage multi grain flatbread sandwich. Mmmmm, mmm! And here it is!

When DD first came out with their line of flatbreads, I said to myself, "yet another thing I won't be eating. Sooooo not interested". Then, one day, I decided to try the southwest chicken one. It looked pretty good on the little billboard outside the store. I was also bored, and about to take a long train ride. So, there I went. To my surprise, it was pretty damn tasty. And the thing about these flatbread sandwiches is that they're big. You can cut one in half and share it, or save half for later. DD even gives you a little plastic knife to do just that. They know what's up!

After also trying the turkey and bacon one, and loving that for a couple weeks, I decided to try out the low calorie, egg white, spinach and turkey sausage one. From that moment, it was ON! I have not turned back! The egg white one is so light yet filling that I can't even eat the other ones anymore. It's also a mere 280 calories. So, every morning, I'm right there on the line getting my egg white flatbread. Who knew?

Dunkin Donuts has smartened up a lot over the past few years, and the introduction of these flatbread sandwiches was the move of the century. People are on line in there ordering them left and right. Whoever came up with the idea definitely deserves a promotion, a raise, and a corner office!

I eat one and feel satisfied, and the multigrain bread keeps me from feeling hungry for hours, with all that fiber. Definitely a smarter choice for those of you who like breakfast sandwiches in the morning. They even have a egg white and veggie one for those of you that don't eat meat (but still do the egg thing).
Never thought I'd say this proudly, or even out loud, but "See you at Dunkin Donuts!" ;)

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Daisy said...

That looks very delicious! I am sad to say that while my Mommie has been in Wyoming she has not been eating very well. Too much food and going out to dinner with family!

Urban Thought said...

I was skeptical of the flatbread from BB. Because of your post I may just stop by one and see what its about. I just have to find the right BB to go to.

Some of the folk that work behind the counter don't look too Kosher.

Jacqueline said...

I remember years ago when a local fast food chain hit the jackpot. For a limited time only, they were promoting a wrap with rice, seafood, a special sauce - a perfect lip smacking and finger licking combination.

It was a sad day when I literally ran up to the counter to order yet another two, only to hear, we don't have those anymore.

I sometimes wonder why they'll get rid of what's working!!!???

Enjoy! :-)

*lynne* said...

sounds yummy... i might just swing by DD for a taste of that egg-white flatbread then :)

dropping by via entrcard, btw


durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Fitness Diva,

So Dunkin Donuts is diversifying into other food lines and not just those holed circular bread eh?

I trust you have examined and reviewed the calorie content diligently owing to your discipline in maintaining a healthy body.

It looks and sounds good to eat and I'll take your word for it. I just don't know when DD would be able to open in this country where I'm at. I would be looking for this product when I stop by Thailand next week.

Take care now. How's the skating skills developing? Has any envious skater attempted to break your knees with a club yet? Give 'em a good uppercut, aleft hook, then a right cross. That should do it. :-) --Durano, done!

PassionateGreen said...

Did I really quote Kathy Griffin?!

I am shocked to hear that Dunkin Donuts is selling a (seemingly) healthy food. I wonder if it has any hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup? What about trans fat? And I won't even mention the meat! lol :-)

Laura-Junkfoodaholic.com said...

I'll have to check that out! By the way, I tagged you. Check out my blog for more info.

Kelly said...

I was wondering if they were any good. If you like them, then maybe they aren't disgusting after all! I do like their bagel sandwiches, but they are huge too....I might have to try one and share it with someone....thanks for the info!!

Allure said...

i can see in your slideshow photos that you do not have an inch of fat in your body. How do you do it? you looked very disciplined.

Toma said...

I have to agree that these flatbreads are DAMN GOOD!!! Very large and filling. It actually holds me through to lunch.

anmari said...

Hmmn looks yummy. I haven't tried DD products, but I'll take your words for it. I'll check that the next time I see DD. :)


Doris said...

I'd sworn off Duncan Donuts for life, but it looks like I'll be eating breakfast there tomorrow.

Thanks for the heads up - it looks yummy!


President Anthony Taurus said...

oh yeah.. i go for the turkey bacon and cheese. i think im gon go get a milkshake. lol

Health And Weight Loss Blog - Avy Barnes said...

Hmmm I'm going to have to try that out! That sounds delicious!

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