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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fall Fitness

As the temperatures drop a bit, to me this is a great time for getting out and doing more. In the summer, hot days make you want to just sit in the house or lounge around anywhere that there's some AC. When it's 90 degrees and counting, who really wants to be outside running and playing? Well, I know a few people that stay active no matter what the weather, but exercise nuts don't count! ;) However, most mere mortals can't take too much moving around when it's hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk!

That's one reason I really love it when fall rolls around. In cooler weather, your options actually can open up a bit. Here in New York where I live, fall is a beautiful thing when it rolls all the way in, especially in the parks and away from the city where the fall foliage is at its best.

For me, this is the most pleasurable time to go for long bike rides, long runs, and even do some hiking. What can be better incentive than being surrounded by the absolute beauty of nature? And if you have just a little bit of the photographer in you, you'll be able to snap some pretty amazing photos from the scenes along your trail in the right places, of which there are many this time of year.

So, instead of sitting down now that summer is over, it's really just now time to get up and out! No, don't go getting back to those lazy winter habits already, just because you know you'll get to cover up all the little sins with sweaters and all. Take advantage of these cooler temps, break out the long sleeve gear, and hit the road! This is the very best time to do it! ;)

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Thanks for your comment.

You have a nice blog of fitness.

Let's work out!

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healthy_blogging said...

Raking leaves is a very popular outdoor activity during this time of year. Spending 30 minutes raking and carrying leaves will provide a good upper body workout. This is also the time of year to harvest apples. Gathering several 15-20 pound baskets of apples and carrying them to your car is a great way to exercise.

I agree with you, autumn is not a time to become sedentary; we can always find ways to exercise.

The Fitness Diva said...

Many people start working out in the spring to be slimmer just for the summer. I say that if you don't let yourself go in the first place, that's just so much better.
No excuse to sit down just because it's getting cold outside!
That's part of the problem! ;)

nursemyra said...

pretty pictures

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