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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Getting Fit Without Spending a Dime!

Many seem to think that getting fit involves plunking down fat membership fees to join a gym, buying every new fitness device and DVD that those infomercials pitch on TV, or shelling out money for a personal trainer. For some, this works, and is the way they prefer to go. I'm not knocking that; if not for these folks, I'd have no job! :)

But for some, these are not viable options. Well, guess what? If you're one of those in the latter group, then you don't have to deny yourself some fitness just because you don't have the disposable income to do so. You can get fit all on your own, no $$$$ required. All you have to do is take advantage of the resources right there at your fingertips.
In a perfect world, fitness would be free, and for you, it can be, and is. Stumped for ideas on how to go about it? Well, here are a few things to consider, and that you could be doing right now to get healthy and fit, and they don't cost a cent!

Whether you live in the city or in a more suburban or rural area, it doesn't matter. Right there in your home or neighborhood are tools just waiting for you to pick up and take advantage of. Here are but a few things you could be doing to add some free fitness to your lifestyle.

Now, I'm not even going to mention the park, because you know it's there, and if you haven't gone already, no one can drag you there! That one's too easy. Let's dig a bit deeper.....

Got stairs anywhere in or around your house? All in one gym right there. As the weather starts to get a bit colder, I'm looking at the stairs in my building with some renewed interest. Even if it's one short flight, you can use it to get a killer workout that will leave you exhausted and worked right down to the bone.

Staircase fitness moves:

walking up flights repeatedly
push ups on the stairs
toe tap hops
step and knee lifts
sideway climbs
backwards climb
running up the stairs (10 times, minimum!)
the plank
tricep dips

Now let's move into the kitchen or the living room. Surely there's a chair or two in there? Of course, there is! Let's use it!

Chair moves:
almost seated squats
seated leg extensions
tricep dips
standing or kneeling leg lifts
heel raises while resting your hands on the back of the chair
side leg lifts
crunches, you on the floor legs folded over the seat of the chair
bridges (on your back, one foot on the seat of the chair)

How about some weights? You have to get a bit inventive here, but most people have cans of something in their cupboad. You can either pick a pair of large canned goods, or even better yet, use two filled water bottles as weights. You have many sizes to choose from, from those long, large Poland Spring water bottles to the gallon ones with the handle. There go your weights right there!

Water bottle exercises:
bicep curls
overhead press
tricep kickbacks
back flyes
upright rows
hammer curls
chest flys (laying on your back)

Now, no matter where you live, there's a sidewalk. If you're somewhere in the suburbs or the country, you have a driveway. Let's use it!

Sidewalk and driveway moves:
walking lunges
walking front kicks
frog hops
side shuffles
jumping rope

And last, but not least, let's not forget the one thing you have available to you AT ALL TIMES, THE FLOOR. Yes, this state of the art piece of fitness equipment, the floor, can be found anywhere! In fact, you never go anywhere without it! You know this! Let's use it! ;)

Floor exercises:
pilates exercises
push ups
mountain climbers
side plank
yoga poses
side lying or prone leg lifts
I could go on....

So, no more excuses! Who says you have to shell out big bucks to get fit? Not me! Getting fit without spending money is really just all about thinking outside the box, which I do daily. So should you!

The great thing about using those things so readily available to you is not just the fact that they're free, but also the absolute convenience of them. So, the next time you start thinking that you have to go join a gym, or buy the latest fitness gadget to get fit, think again. The opportunity to work out, and work out often is already there, right at your fingertips. Take advantage of it!

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RoSeLLe said...

hi! thanks for all the great tips 'twas a great read!! :) but i wish i know what a tricep kickback or "the plank" means. :D bookmarked your site by the way.

The Healthy Mom said...

Great tips! I am always looking for ways to work out without spending too much money. Gym memberships can be expensive. Unfortunately I live in a small house without stairs so I might have to exercise in my backyard this fall/winter. Hopefully it doesn't rain too much this year! Thank you for the tips. Reading your blog helps to keep me motivated to exercise more.

JeD Chan said...

Wow! this is great! This is really helpful.

Just one question, can we consider this as a 'GYM' alternative? or does these exercises can be par with the actual gym exercises?


Can I share this on my blog? ;)

Yoga Asana said...

Really very common but extremely ideas about keeping fit the body without spending money. I will add, 'yoga' is also extremely useful to get mental, physical fitness.

Fitness Tips said...

You have to love the no cost fitness it is the best.

Chasing your partner up the stair s my favorite. Seriously the creative fitness routines are generally the best when it come to being fun and exciting.

I really love the park. It is open and fun there. Rain or shine the park is my all time favorite.

Nice post and very creative workout ideas.

effective health fitness workouts said...

these are great tips. yeah you're right about the weather getting in the way of working out outside. will surely try this ones out.

Wheatgrass said...

WOW I am glad I found this fun blog post it does put the fun back into fitness. Healthy living is a mindset and when there is joy and excitement that mindset becomes a great way of life.

Thanks for the informative and fun fitness information.

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