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Monday, November 3, 2008

What's Keeping You From Being as Fit As You Would Like to Be?

All the info is right there at your fingertips. A ton of health and fitness blogs, websites, magazines, TV shows, infomercials, all plying you with enough info to become a fitness expert yourself. We all know the drill by now: eat less fatty and sugary foods, stay away from fast food, get more exercise, consume less calories, figure out ways to stay motivated to do what's best for your body, etc, etc, etc. We all know which foods fight cancer, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, etc, etc, etc. Unlike in the past, this info is coming at us daily, whether we want to know it or not.

However, with all this information, obesity and all the diseases caused by it are still a growing problem for many. Why is that? When you look at yourself, would you say that you're doing what's necessary to not be part of the unhealthy statistic? Are you really taking as good care of your body as you could be? If not, why not? What's holding you back and keeping you from doing the right things?

As for me, I can tell you, it's a combination of things, when it does happen. For the most part, I stay active and try to eat healthy MOST of the time, but I do have my little slips. I have periods where I can just get a bit lazy, and also when I just want to do whatever I feel like. If that means eating a pint of Haagen Dazs, well then, I just do it. I just DON'T do it every single day. I know that alcohol consumption is bad on so many levels, but when those holidays and special events roll around, you will see a glass in my hand! I'm not going to lie about that! I love beer and wine, margaritas and tequila shots, and if I'm in the right (or wrong!) company, we can all get a little crazy with it!
I love living my life to the fullest, and don't like to feel like I'm denying myself anything. I do, however, know when it's time to pull back, and that's something that I now know how to do pretty well. Next day, back on the treadmill, back to eating right, and doing what I know is best for me. It's my personal belief that you don't have to deny yourself the little things you crave at times, you just have to not have them all the time.

I do manage to stay healthy and fit even though I do break the rules every now and then, but I know that for some, it's not that easy.

For some, finding that balance can be a bit more challenging, maybe because of stress, lack of support, negative peer pressure, temptation, having to take care of others before you can take care of yourself, and sometimes just being plain too tired to go work out or get up and cook. Those are the moments when you can definitely find yourself not making the good choices when it comes to your body and your health.

So, what's your deal? Do you consider yourself to be healthy and at least in decent shape? If not, why not? What's keeping you from achieving that?
What do you think would help you get there? Is it you, or is it some outside influence or situation that's keeping you from reaching that goal?

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ImitationAngel said...

I'm lazy and have very little will power. Those are my excuses. I'm trying to change it one day at a time.

The Fitness Diva said...

Well, you get credit for at least trying! It is not easy! ;)

Hypnosis weight loss said...

this blog reminds me of a saying I like to live by...

"Everything in moderation - EVEN MODERATION"

I think one of the reasons people end up slipping on their regimen is because they think they can never slip. That puts a ton of pressure on someone... pressure that can lead to the slip.

Matt Sison

The Fitness Diva said...

Hey, I like that, Matt!

I work on a 90/10 system some weeks, and an 80/20 on others.
The larger # being eating completely clean and healthy, and the smaller number for the little "naughties" that I like every now and then. If it goes higher than that (which it does during those holidays!), I throw in a couple extra workouts or runs. Works for me!
Only back when I was training for competitions was it ever the full %100!

Too much moderation leads to binge eating. That's why sometimes you just need to go ahead and have the cheesecake instead of craving it for days. Just try not to eat it all! ;)


I try to balance as much as I can and lately with my two jobs the gym has been falling short on my list. I am hoping to getting back to it after the holidays. I feel and look much better when I workout! For now I moderate my diet and try to fit in physical activities at home. Great post.

Dwayne said...

I am in good shape, I have weighed 165 for the past 15 years.I think the reason a lot of people do not get in shape or stay in shape is because they get into a routine of laziness and cannot get out of it. And then when they do decide to loose weight they get aggravated. When it takes you 2,3 years to gain 40 or fifty pounds, it is hard to loose it in 2 months. It takes work and decipline. And the eating is a key part. People go on all of these crazy types of diet, that may make you loose a little water weight to start off with, but it is doing nothing for their metabolism, or their overall physical condition. So they give up, Good post for thought here.

Daisy said...

From Daisy's mom:
I think finding some exercise that you really enjoy and will stick with is the key. I love my twice-weekly yoga class. Also, a little bit of peer pressure: I don't want to seem out of shape in class, so I am motivated to work out on the other days, too. As far as eating right, I usually keep a rough tally of my daily calories. Except Saturday. That's my day to eat what I want!

Jacqueline said...

Focus. When I'm focused, I'm already there. I've been working too much lately. Come January, these pesky projects will be done and I can crank it back up. Until then, I signed a contract...to myself...to lay off all the processed foods. So far, it's been going quite well.

Kim said...

My balance has shifted to no exercise and hours of sitting in front of the computer, so I just signed up for boot camp to get back in shape for ski season. We'll see how that goes :-)

Cascia said...

I try to stay healthy. But I have sweet tooth that is hard to control. I'll admit I love to add sugar to my tea and can not resist chocolate. But my husband and I recently joined a gym so I am working on losing that extra weight I gained after our son was born. So I am trying! Visiting blogs like yours also helps me to keep on track with health and fitness. I need that extra encouragement.

lala said...

I'm a bit lazy myself...but I do walk just about everywhere I go (sometimes a girl's just gotta take the bus.)

I think you have a good point that you can allow yourself a little treat every now and then, just don't over do.

Luckily for me, as I've gotten older, the sweet and/or salty "tooth" has disappeared.

Ah, but soda is my downfall.

Great article as usual!

gLoR!e said...

determination and discipline is the key to keep fit and i am out of this..i can't really make it. i start for few minutes then i give up..result? m so weak...:(

Miss Tique said...

I forgot how hard it is to train your muscles after you gave up doing it for quite a while.

today i resterted my taebo training. and i have eaten right before. obviously, after 5 minutes i was a mess, after 10 i started to see black spots in front my eyes and stopped.

then started again with the last exercises and stretching. it takes a while to get used to working out again.

so, thumbs up and huge appraizals to you, because you're doing it constantly.

Robin said...

Hi Fitness Diva,
I am lack of exercise. I have a treadmill, but it is just to much work for me or I just can't seem to last very long. I guess you can call that lazy then. I do not enjoy that type of exercise. I have found a different type of exercise now and I'm hoping it is just as fun as they say it is. My order has been shipped out to me, and I can't wait to get it and get some exercise going again. I really enjoyed your post, it was a great read to me. :-)

Voracious Vegetarian said...

People need to get moving and keep moving. If you've been overweight for years you can't expect to suddenly do an aerobics class or run a marathon. We live in a world where instant gratification for so many things can be brought, but this is not the case for health and fitness. Keeping your body fit and healthy is a lifelong commitment and if you have reneged on that commitment somewhere down the track you really need to spend the time and effort on refocussing and realising that a healthy and fit body throughout all ages will bring much more happiness and pleasure to your life. Getting to that point though doesn't happen overnight, in a week, or even a month, which is what people really need to realise. But a small bit of extra effort everyday, like compounding interest in the bank, can lead to big returns down the track.

Matthew S. Urdan said...

Thanks for letting me know about the comment issues on my site. I didn't change anything. So I reverted to this old style form of blogger commenting. Hopefully it's a blogger error that will correct itself. Or..it could be commentluv...Not sure...will have to look at it some more tomorrow.

Have a great one!

Danity Donnaly said...

Stealing Halloween candy from my kiddies. :(

your "Health Assistant" said...

its been a while since i hit the gym but i do some push up and sit ups everyday to keep my weight in my desired weight.

Ricardo said...

It's impossible not to cheat now and again. It's natural. the key is just what you said, know when to pull back. Also be consistent with the workouts. You'd be shocked at how much you can cheat and get away with. At least that's how it is in my case. But I have a fast metabolism to begin with.

The elections kept me from working out last night. so I will get ready to roll now.

Melissa Erickson said...

I just passed on awards to you. Have a great day!

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Fitness Diva,

I would like to see Barack Obama do the exercise done by the woman in the image you provided. Then I'll know he can be fit for anything! LOL!

He's the fittest World leader I've ever seen, and I don't only mean physical. :-) --Durano, done!

Tamika said...

Hi, Fitness Diva.

Wow, there is tons of info on your blog. I think for me, after a while boredom sets in. I had a gym membership and used to work out with my husband and I'd start seeing results and then the next thing you know, I'm not into anymore. I'd get a membership and go faithfully in the beginning and then just end up donating to the gym 'cause I wasn't working out anymore...and oh yeah, I don't eat healthy at all. Hubby says I'm allergic to healthy. Now I'm doing the Stroller Strides program to at least stay active, but I'm really not into that anymore either. I guess I'm just not motivated enough.

David said...

I'm pretty certain that for most people that are not really into "working out," the best way to stay fit is to stick with a routine, or any routine, with dedication, consistency, and intensity.

For me personally, I happened to get lucky, as I found a sport--swimming--early in life that not only I excelled at, but one that I truly love.

So working out for me, isn't really working out--it's pure, unadulterated fun.

I know that I'm lucky in that respect and if I wouldn't have that, I too, would have to make a considerable effort to stay in shape.

sarah said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed

reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



sarah said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed

reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



Starlene said...

I dont remember where I found your blog at, I bookmarked it a while back... It is inspiring to read your blog! I totally love it,, I have peeked at it for a while now and read it here and there... Im looking to switch my routine up some so I will be back to read more!

I personally have this major thing that has kept me from being as "fit" as I can be... I have a serious back injury, I had surgery on it a year ago and am going to have another one again in a month or so... BUT I do go to the gym 4-5 times a week and work out in a heated pool... I got lucky and found some Dr's that told me to work out in this special gym for people with back injuries and it helps... Pre this back issue, I used to run all the time and everything was good, then I sat around for like 5 years and did little of anything... Well its been 2 years that I have been working out again and my life is sooooo much better, I couldnt imagine sitting around like that for another 2 years...

Guess I felt like saying that, even tho people have struggles to do stuff,, they still can overcome them if they keep looking for a way to!

This blog helps keep me inspired too! I love reading about being healthy,, it makes me want to keep up the good work and working out routine myself :)

Thanks for the inspiration!

Wondermom said...

I think I'm just lazy. When I was younger, I was thin not because I ate well, exercised alot or even thought much about it really. (I was very athlectic by nature. I have a Serena body.) I was just naturally thin at the time. However, because it took no effort or had a routine, when I got older and had children and the pounds were adding on, I didn't know how to take care of myself and I did what I always did...ate what I wanted and played sports when I wanted. Of course when you're taking care of children and a household things get pushed to the back burner, and now I don't have the strength to put it up front. Everyone makes out like it's sooo easy. It's not. The food industry doesn't necessarily make it easier either. Unless you live in a health conscious place like California, finding healthy food that won't break the bank is difficult at best. However, if I want to continue to raise my children and enjoy life with my family, change will have to take place. I just don't know how or where to start!

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