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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cool Body Facts #4

Human Sexuality

Let's delve into some fascinating, surprising and somewhat funny facts about human sexuality. I find a few of these pretty interesting. Definitely learned a thing or two about the sexual human animal here.

1. Sex burns about 70-120 calories for a 130 pound woman, and 77 to 155 calories for a 170 pound man per hour.
That's saying you can make it all the way to an hour! ;)

2. Humans are the only mammals who continue to have sex past the age of fertility

3. Kissing can aid in reducing tooth decay because the extra saliva helps clean the mouth

4. Most arousing time of day for a man is early morning when hormone levels are at a peak

5. You can still have an erection after death . However, it's not after the most pleasant of circumstances - a death by hanging.

6. A man's beard grows fastest when he anticipates sex

7. Humans are the only mammals that have intercourse in the face to face, missionary position

8. In Sea horses the male carries the baby instead of the female. They are the only life form that does this.

9. It's estimated that there are about 22,500 penile implants currently in use in the U.S.

10. On the same note, about 1.5 million women have breast implants in the U.S. (and growing!)

***The best way to improve sexual function is to quit smoking, start excercising, and lose weight. Of course, you knew that! ;)

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tahtimbo said...

Okay, this explains my rapid weight loss and my beard:) The fact about kissing is something I did not know about. I knew about quitting smoking, but I figure 2 out of 3 is not to shabby.
Thanks for the great article!

iWalk said...

Hi Diva, One report said that Humans are not the only mammals that have intercourse in the face to face, There is a kind of very clever animal named Bonobo, they can do that too!

I have seen some video of Bonoba, they can do many things like human!

very interesting.:)

jacqueline said...

Hmmm, for some reason I thought there would be more penile implants based on the number of TV commercials I sometimes see in the late evening.

Barako Brew said...

Educational facts there, Fitness Diva. If I may add one more ....

Orgasm to women releases a certain hormone that makes them attached to their partner.

... Which is why prolonged exposure to the jack-rabbit vibrator is highly discouraged. :)

Paulo for the Barako Brew Crew

Eve's World said...

Yeah! You are right. Everyone can benefited through some sort of exercises. In fact, one can kick off his/her bad habits like you have stated here with. But, it never possible to many of us only because of mental blockage and tendency to attract towards bad habits. Am I right?

GAGAY: the walkingnewspaper said...

dropping EC..parking for a while!

see you at mine!


attygnorris said...

Very interesting info! I just got a treadmill, Diva. I'll tell you-- the more I workout, the sexier I feel, and the more sex we have. A win-win situation in my house.


Paul Eilers said...

This post really turned me on!

Ha! Ha! Ha!

MakingMoney said...

Your No. 1 just cracked me up! It was nice reading those fact's you shared here. Now I'm going to go joke my husband about why his beard grows so fast all the time, maybe he need's to stop anticipating so much, not ;)LOL!


MySweetThree said...

"22,500 penile implants currently in use"....tee hee, "in use"....that gave me a chuckle! =0


You are hysterical! I am passing this around to my husband and friends. I learned something here!

GAGAY said...

whew! happy tuesday! hopping me here again! take care!


Shelia said...

No. 4 reminds me of what an ex-boyfriend, who is a police officer, used to crack me up by telling me that whenever he worked the graveyard shift, around 5 a.m. his partner was suddenly not so ugly, lol.

Azure Islands Designs said...

Funny facts...new a few, some I didn't!!
A good read!

Sugar said...

Hey really good post Diva, I was shocked to read some of them. Well here's one to add some extra info to fact no 3 :
Semen contains zinc and calcium, both of which are proven to prevent tooth decay. ;)

GAGAY said...

whew! happy tuesday! hopping me here again! take care!


Dr. Lisa said...

I love your blog-what a wonderful resource! I am a doctor of clinical psychology and a huge believer in the use of exercise for promoting healthy mood. I have a blog related to women's wellness at MommyHealthCoach.com and would love to share information or have you guest blog sometime. I will provide a feedback link for you'd like and would love it if you'd consider doing the same for me. Best wishes and thanks for your information,
Lisa G. Benton

bingo said...

Ok this is awesome I have to say I was feeling bummed because I hadn't learned anything new today and reading this taught me so much and the beard growing faster is true but the rest so so cool to learn thanks for posting .Bingo

diva said...

Amazing!I knew how much calorie kissing burns,but the dental protection was real surprise! Quite a number of incentives hereto get in shape!!!!!!!

The Fitness Diva said...

Hi, tatimbo....guess you know what's going on when that beard start going crazy! lol

IWalk, thanks for the correction!
I was wondering about that one! ;)

Jacqueline, I think there might be more than some are admitting! ;)

The Fitness Diva said...

Haaaaa Barako, I still remember that vibrator from Sex and the City!
Dangerous, yes, it is! ;)

Eve's World, trying to combat your bad habits is the biggest obstacle to maintaining a healthy weight.
Food is fun, pleasurable, and comfortable, especially the fatty stuff. Keeping the discipline to eat healthy instead of just trying to satisfy a need for pleasure or comfort takes a lot of work!

The Fitness Diva said...

Davida, watch out! You might get yourself another little one if you take it too far.... ;)

Paul, I'm glad to have brought at the very least, a smile to your face!

Making Money, you know what's up when you see that beard growing fast now! LOL!

The Fitness Diva said...

Hi, Gagay...keep on dropping by!

Well, if you buy it, you'd better be using it, right Sweet Three? LOL!

Heidi, tell the masses. Sex is GOOD FOR YOU! lol!

Sheila, you know how men are in the morning! Enough said! :D

Zara @ Personal Matchmaking said...

That's encouragement enough to do more exercise, love the facts list :)

Alfonso de la Fuente Ruiz said...

1) You doubt it? All night, long, baby ;) All night long... some mornings and further even...
2) I strongly doubt that
3) Sounds like a myth to me
4) I agree with that one!
5) Yes, I heard that. Under the tree is where mandragoras bloom
6) I didn't notice, but will keep an eye onto that. However, when are we not anticipating? Just after?
7) I doubt that one too. Think chimps...
8) Well, there are some insects and similar lifeforms that do the same. Anyways sounds like an envious complain :P
9) Many Lorena Bobbits aout there. Watch out, pals!
10) Honey, please don't do that. It's nasty.

Spring time is coming! Back to the gym!

Mista Jaycee said...

Thanks for the factoids and the last tip! I need constant reminders as the donut man haunts me! 8-)
Mista Jaycee

Custom Label said...

I had never heard that statistic on kissing before...interesting information. Thank you for sharing.

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