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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Death Sentences Handed Down in China Milk Scandal

San Lu company in China was found guilty of having added melamine to watered down baby milk, resulting in the deaths of six children and the sickness of at least 300,000 others. Two death sentences and one life sentence have been handed down to company officials. San Lu was but one of many companies involved in the adding of this substance, which is used to make plastics and fertilizer, in the powdered milk that it distributes and sells to dairy companies throughout the country.

Related story: ABC News coverage

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MySweetThree said...

That is such a terrible story..so so sad.

Matt said...

Wow, Diva, that is horrible. I must admit that I haven't followed that story very closely, but I can only assume the malamine was added to the watered-down milk in an ill-advised attempt to save money. That is disgusting and unforgivable!

Mike Golch said...

that is just so wring to have done that to childrenn.I'm glad that they are gonna be punished for what they did.

iWalk said...

I followed the whole story, Feel very sad that not only San Lu,so many companies provide this kind of milk to people.

The safty of food is one of the base safety of a society. But it seems it still has a long way to go. :(

The Fitness Diva said...

I agree, MySweetThree...I see you holding your baby there...
imagine how those mothers feel, they were only trying to nourish their babies. It's awful.

Matt, the thing is, this really can happen anywhere. They need to make sure that inspections and safeguards are firmly in place against this type of greed, especially when the public's health is involved.
I have no pity whatsoever on these money hungry company execs. They deserve to be punished.

The Fitness Diva said...

I'm with ya, Mike. Crazy what some will do just to save a few bucks.

Iwalk, it's so close to you, this thing. I guess the people there must be really angry about this. I know that I would be. You have to be afraid of all products. What a way to have to be! They will hopefully watch manufacturers more carefully from here on out.

Daisy said...

It was a terrible, terrible thing when all those cats and dogs were sickened and died as the result of tainted pet food, and now this is just unforgivable and so tragic.

Azure Islands Designs said...

Such a sad story...to think someone would do something so terrible for money...just awful...where is their love for others, their sense of right and wrong???????
Obviously they lack a conscience !!!

There are enough issues (ecoli etc.,)with food which can occur even with our stringent handling processes...now we have to be concerned about intentional issues???


Abdulrehman Agha said...

:|, what are they trying to do? Profits are not worth the lives of children! It's good they were sentenced to death! BTW, I was dropping by as usual and though of saying a thanks for dropping a comment on my blog! God Bless!

attygnorris said...

I can't believe that woman did this. Just tragic...and senseless. Some will probably think her death sentence is justice, and while maybe a justifiable punishment, nothing will ever bring justice to the families who lost those babies.


iWalk said...

It's Chinese new Year' eve today!

I hope you a Happy 牛 year!


Barako Brew said...

That should discourage other Chinese Manufacturers from taking the "short-cut" when it comes to quality control. I mean China is a very competitive country and is a top source of pira... I mean top worldclass supplier ;). I guess this is a big first step in correcting QC problems.

Health And Weight Loss said...

Wow, that is just freaking horrible!

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