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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dieting Goes Retro

Back in the day, Coke came in these cool, curvy, glass bottles. This was before plastic took over the planet.
I don't, however, remember there being Diet Coke available in this package. I mean, back then when Coke came in these shapely bottles, had they even invented it yet?

I saw this and thought it was too cute to pass by. A vintage (um..yeah) bottle of Diet Coke.

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Trendygirl said...

I live in Belgium and out here they realy have diet coke in big glass bottles :). In Holland a plastic bottle has to e recycled but here in Belgium the glass one's have to.

callister said...

i live in Malaysia..
i think this old fashion coke bottle still available here..

Matt said...

OMG, Diva i just saw you on television at the auditions for American Idol in Kansas City. Tell me that was really you (you were sporting an awesome bisep). It was you, right?

The Fitness Diva said...

Matt, you just made me spit out my chocolate Silk. :O LOL! I damn near ruined the laptop! :D

I'm sitting right here in New York, working on a blog post.

Whoever she is, I hope she makes it!
I MUST check out my twin! ;)

Steven Humour said...

I saw this post a few days ago and liked your Diet Coke bottle picture. I thought to myself, I haven't seen a Coke bottle for sale since I was in Las Vegas at the Coke store in 2005. Then wouldn't you know it, when I was in the grocery store yesterday, I saw a shelf full of Diet Coke bottles. It was like you were foreshadowing my day ... and guided me down the pop aisle. :-)

Florida Cancer Hospital said...

Coke diet in glass bottles is old fashion but it is good compare to plastic bottle. But we cannot use in traveling glass bottle.

cord blood said...

very cool picture. after seeing it, I cant help but think just how boring the plastic soda bottles make soda look. if the environmental impact isnt too bad, I say lets bring back the glass bottles.

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