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Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Fitness Diva's Hot Gadget Review - Carmen Electra's Electrapole

"Whooooo, it's gettin' hot in here...."
What would we do without those innovative little brains out there that keep coming up with new ways for us to get fit? I don't know, but they sure are working on making your workout life much more fun!
I've seen this thing around for a minute, but now have decided to take a closer look at the Carmen Electra Electrapole, which you can now find at a department store near you.
You might recall, I did a review of Carmen's Strippaerobics video last year, so why not just progress and step it on up to the big leagues, just like Carmen? I mean, just put a stripper pole right in your living room!
With the Carmen Electra Electrapole, you can do just that, and let the fitness, festivities and fireworks begin! There's no video with this thing.... but that just leaves some room for you to tap into your own creative mind and just go wild!

Now, we all know that pole dancing has gone maintstream, and classes for it can now be found in just about any city. You will get a good sweat going on, depending on how long you stay dancing and playing on it. Fitness fact** - An hour of pole dancing can burn around 300 calories, and more than that if you're doing pole climbs, pole jumps, practicing hanging from your ankles, and not just doing the Maypole ring around the rosie.
Once you master the upside down hang, that's the perfect opportunity to do some serious reverse crunches! Ok, let's go. You can DOOO it!! ;)

Be careful.... don't hurt yourself! And be sure to wedge that pole between your floor and ceiling really tight. I have no plans to buy this thing, but if any of you already have it, please report back and tell me how it's going! Are you still using your pole every day, or has it just become this odd yet cool conversation piece in the middle of your den/living room/ basement that the kids seem to get on more than you do? Do tell!

Here is the link to the actual Electrapole website.

Here is how to install the damn thing! ;)

***Carmen Electra did not pay me to review this product. But she should have! ;)

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your "Health Assistant" said...

I think this electrapole will be like wii fit you use at first day 2nd day 3rd day but after a month you just keep it on your basement.
so why bother to buy this stuff just do running even if you stop running it haven't cost you much. nice post take care!

iWalk said...

Pole Dance is very popular here among office ladies!

It looks so easy to play Pole Dance at home now. But I prefer went to GYM play with teachers and a lot people. :)

Shelia said...

Good Monday Morning Fitness Diva,

I'm sure that you can get quite a workout, and it's probably a lot of fun...but my mind can't wrap itself around having a pole in my house.

Azure Islands Designs said...

Looks like fun but I also feel it is one of those fad things...not something most people will do on a regular basis...belly dancing is very popular around here...now this is something I think could last! Have you tried it???


Kelly said...

I would totally buy that if I had the room for it. I've always joked that my back up job would be as a pole dancer...haha!

But, hey, it would come in handy on Valentine's day and the guys birthday....no need to think of a gift, just get on that pole!


ocean said...

Hi Friend.. Interesting post.. Keep up the good work..Do visit my blog and post your comments.. Take care mate... Cheers!!!


It looks fun but I am afraid I would hurt myself.

Urban Thought said...

I can't help but to smile at this. They offer a pole dancing class at the gym I go to and sometimes I catch myself staring. I can appreciate a woman, of any size, who can get up on a pole and do her thing.

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