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Friday, April 17, 2009

My Favorite Spammer

Don't ya just LOVE comment spam? I know I do. I live for it! Nothing pleases me more than to see someone with a genuine interest in a topic I've written about leaving me a heartfelt spam comment either listing all their website links, or my favorite, the repeater. I have a favorite repeater, and her name is Sarah, (on most days...when she's not Mary or somebody else). Here is a gift I get from her regularly:

Sarah is quite a card. Forgetful, for one thing! She keeps thinking it's the first time she's commented on my blog! Even after 10 + times! Also, I think she confuses other blogs with mine, because I've seen her leave the exact same comment on at least 100 other blogs in the past few months or so. That silly girl! LOL!
Anyway, as much as I like her, I delete her ass every time she shows up on my blog. I at least demand some loyalty from my spammers! Cheating is a big NO! ;)

Now, while not my favorite, this one gets big points for consistency. Sagar has been out here spamming for months! I just saw him on someone else's blog today, and yep, I'm jealous! I thought these pithy words were only meant for me! :O

Oh, how you lie! Show me the bookmark, Sagar! I dare ya! ;)

There's been a few of these comment spammers, each with their own MO, and it tickles me to death. Hey, I know we all have to hustle a little out here, but, damn...at least make it original on occasion! ;)

Who's your favorite spammer? And don't tell me it's Sarah or Sagar. There is a special place in my heart for those two! :)

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Jennifer @ Money Saver 101 said...

Don't these spammers know that comments relevant to the article are stronger than generic ones? It gets other readers' attention and creates keyword strength.

Sarah's not too bright!

I've yet to receive a visit from Sarah or any other spammer, at least not one that frequents my site. It's probably because my link popularity is so low. **sad**

Star-chuu said...

Hi fitness Diva, thanks for the vote and comment, i am not expecting that there is someone who likes my writing , which made my heart tearing for the appreciation that I received from you and to other authors. I do add you in my list now..thank you and more power.

About the spammer, i haven't yet encounter them, maybe they have already visited in my page but I didn't notice that they are spammer, thanks for this post, reminding me that I need to aware who is do and don't to add in my links.

MakingMoney said...

Aww darn, now my hearts broken. I received a comment like that on my blog awhile back and thought it was heartfelt.(lowers head and cry) LOl, I don't think it was Sara though, but another name. I too have been seeing comments like that on other blogs too, my goodness. How lame?

realitytv said...

Well, mine's not Sarah, but Marisol...same exact spam comment as your Sarah's (sometimes a different name too)....I said the same thing, 'forgetful little thing, hmm...?' lol...'They' drop by a few times a week.

sudha said...

hey Diva I have encountered similar situation I guess.. like some ppl leave comment on the post by just saying nice blog and with a link..visit mine..In one of my veg recipes also a person had left a link to his blog..when I visited the blog I found 100s of recipes there but hardly any comments lol :P but Sarah has not visited mine yet :(

tahtimbo said...

I've received a few that are similar to this, but I just figured it was someone new to my site. I know, very naive. Anyway, since I am now aware that this is spam, I'll be headed back to delete these comments. Thanks for the heads-up:)

carey @ happy steps travel blog said...

Diva, at least we get some compliments every now and then. hehehe... anyway, I used to believe these glowing comments were for real, I even approved some comments telling me they subscribed to my rss feed. LOL. Now I know better. As a commenter, I am sometimes tempted to just leave a "great post" comment but realize I had to do better than that otherwise my comment might end up in the spam! ;)

Wilson Pon said...

Well, Diva. In the past, I normally let my readers to write the comments whatever they like without need to be approved first. However, after I have encountered with the endless spam comments, I changed my mind and all the comments must be first reviewed by me, before become live...

As the old saying, "It's better be safe than sorry!"

gLoR!e said...

there is one i encounter a spammer but i do ignore it to hell with them..hehe

Daisy said...

Sagar has been cheating on you... with me! I got the exact same comment from him.

I think the worst ones are when they just copy and past someone else's comment.

The Fitness Diva said...

Jennifer, I have seen some smart ones that do that. I guess it's all part of the game, though.
The copy and paste ones bug me. I don't mind you spamming, but at least read what I wrote before you comment SINCERELY! :D

Star, you are the best. I enjoyed what i read from you, and was immediately struck by your writing style. Good luck in the contest!

Don't cry, Naye. I'm sure another spammer will be by real soon. A nicer one, who writes each spam comment fresh! It's all that we can hope for! ;)

The Fitness Diva said...

reality tv, Marisol and Sarah are probably sisters. They use the same laptop and account. They just forget to change the user name when online. funny folks, these spammers!

sudha, I don't like you leaving a link if this is your first time visiting and commenting on my blog. I'm a stickler for proper etiquette in all situations, even blogging.
If I'm gonna spam you, I'll stop by and read an article, think about my response and THEN leave a relevant comment...NO LINK ..except in my name.
There's always a RIGHT way to do things! LOL!!

Tahtimbo, the first time I got those comments, I was flattered, too. It's only natural. But now, I'm on to them (after seeing the same comments repeated all across the blogosphere).
Delete! Delete! Delete! :)

Jan from BetterSpines said...

The first time, it's exciting. But then you get the exact same words from a different email account but the same website. 'Allo, 'allo, 'allo I says to meself, this can't be right. And it isn't. And you get these inspiring comments on posts that were written months ago! Or on the "privacy" page! There's an exciting post for you! But it's all fun. Up to a point ...

Ask Ms Recipe said...

I think Sagar is a big cheat he likes to visit all blog, I guess I call him a big player.LOL I love his wonderful comment right into trash.

Ms Recipe

heidi said...

I have gotten sarah before (sorry) and keep getting a celebrex one. The worst to me are the rude anonymous comments. Have some cojones and say who you are.

Carl said...

"... I found that you really update your site regularly that made me more interesting..." Why does the frequency of your updates have anything to do with his personality? I knew you updated your blog a few times in the past week, but I am still a damn boring person.

suwari said...

Is Sagar really a spammer, he also leave me a comment at my blog. Wow, thats quite a shock. Since, he add me through IM also. Anyone to leave him a message? Please contact me. We all will say "Thanks" to him.

BK said...

LOL! At least your spam comments come from someone with a name attached. For me I have gotten load of comments without names and just with a lot of links; asking me to look at some medicines that promise miracle, or some berries etc.

Apollo said...

I had a few of those as well. The first time I did not realize that it was spam but the same week I received the same comment again form the same spammer.

It is sad but true...now that I think about it...I have to find that one that I approved and delete it...lol.

Sadie said...

haha - My favorite spammer is Joan. She writes every few days to tell me that she's just found my blog and *must* subscribe.

The Fitness Diva said...

Jan, the first time you get the comment, you think it's genuine. Then you see it somewhere else worded EXACTLY the same for the next blogger. I guess it's almost like some line a guy uses over and over to get the girls! LOL!

Ms Recipe, that Sagar is something else! Who knows HOW many other blogs he's been with by now! :D

Heidi, I think I might have got the Celebrex one one time, and recognized that it was spam immediately (there were links all over the comment).
They already have cojones to be doing it at all! lol

Carl, I think that might be a case of some bad English, or Engrish, as I've now come to know it! lol
But it is funny taking it literally as written. Yes, you updating you blog makes me SUCH a better person! ;)

suwari, you can tell Sagar that we're onto him! His cheating days and cheating ways are done! ;)

The Fitness Diva said...

BK, as soon as a comment comes through with a ton of links, they're done. I find that to be rude. If you're going to comment, just comment, and put your link in your name like everyone else. By listing links after your comment, your letting me know that's the only reason you're here...to get a linkback. Come on, now! ;)
I don't mind letting you get it if you're at least somewhat interested in my blog, but you cannot just USE me like that! LOL!

Apollo, isn't it funny how they forget that they already commented that same comment on your blog?
Hell, at least change it up every time! :)

Oooh, Sadie, I haven't gotten Joan yet. I now await her meaningful visit and comment! ;)

Apollo said...

@Fitness Diva: Yes, it sure is funny that they use the same exact comment but it just shows you the lack of intelligence they have.

The most idiotic spammers are those who cramp their comment with a few links...I mean it does not get any more obvious than that.

Oh well, is it just me or has the frequency of those identical spam comments increased over the past few weeks?

The Fitness Diva said...

Carey, it's always nice to get a nice comment. But these are not nice! LOL! Sometimes I have responded "great pic", especially if it's a Wordless Wednesday post, but yeah, it's a good idea to be just a bit more wordy so they know you're a sincere commenter!

Wilson, I do the same...all comments on my blog must be approved first. Thank God for comment moderation. I love to see the spammers trying to get through. They hit my inbox, and after that, they're just not going anywhere! ;) Delete!

Glorie, that's when I hit delete! Love the delete button! :)

Daisy, say it ain't so! That Sagar! He sure is one busy guy! :)
Yeah, copy and past IS the lazy way. But it's more practical for them, so..... they're gonna do it.

KY's Commonwealth Eye Surgery said...

Yes those generic comments like "hello, nice post" or "nice, keep it up" serves no purpose to anybody.Comments should be relevant to post and should prove your expertise in it and also should be informative to other visitors.

Laura-Junkfoodaholic.com said...


I get the one from Sagar too!



Eat Well. Live Well.

Ricardo said...

YES!!! Out these subhuman entities!! Expose them. I am so glad you did this. Now Sarah is not like my girl Mary but she's got some game.

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