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Monday, May 4, 2009

My Friends Are Drinking Extenze... LOL

...and I'm sorry, I think it's pretty hilarious!

If you live in the states, you've probably seen the commercials by now. Extenze is a pill promising "male enhancement" to those who take this product on the regular.
Well, some time ago, they came out with the Extenze "energy" drink, and it's been flying off the shelves ever since.

Coming back from the gym, one of my two friends casually mentions, "Hey, I want to go get some Extenze".
I'm like "WHAT??? What do you mean you want some Extenze!?? You know what that is, right?"
I'm already laughing!

Friend one: "Yeah, it's an energy drink".

Me: "What? Damn! Now it's a drink? Well, you know it's for "male enhancement", right? OMG! Why are you drinking that?"

Friend one: "Hey, wait a minute. I don't drink it for that. It's a good energy drink, and I've been drinking it for a while now."

Me: WOW!

Friend two: "Yeah, I like it too. It's good!"

Me: "Dudes!! But you KNOW it's not just for energy, right??? Come on! You've seen the commercials! Male "enhancement"! That's what it's really made for!"

Friend one: "Well, we don't drink it for that. It's a good energy drink. You should try it."

Me: "ME?? Oh, HELL no! I'm not touching that stuff! (at this point I am DYING of laughter). I don't want to wake up one day with any little surprises!" (or big ones, either!)

Friend two: "You are silly."

Me: "Whatever! Um....by the way, guys..... is it working?? ;)"

Friends one and two: "WE'RE NOT DRINKING IT FOR THAT!!!"

And you still didn't answer my question.... ;)

Anyway, so now I know these guys are drinking Extenze, and yeah, I believe they're drinking it JUST for the energy! (wink, wink!)
And according to the statistics, they're not the only ones. This stuff is flying off the shelves in some parts. Home run for the makers of Extenze!

A little info about this Extenze drink, courtesy of Ehow:

Working together, the ingredients that make up the male enhancement supplement called Extenze are intended to cause faster and longer-lasting erections, as well as increasing sexual stamina and desire.

The Extenze ingredient list includes minerals, herbs, nutrients and other natural elements, including: L-Arginine (an amino acid), ginseng-eleuthero (a root), tribulus terrestris (a flowering plant), sarsaparilla (a vine plant), calcium (a mineral), yohimbe (a bark), maca extract (a root), catuaba (an infusion of bark from several trees), muira puama (a bark and root), nettle (several flowering plants), astragalus (an herb), ginkgo biloba extract (a tree), boron (a plant nutrient), zinc (a trace element), saw palmetto (an herb) and oat straw (a plant).

While all of the ingredients of Extenze serve some purpose, several of them are specifically geared toward male enhancement and sexual ability...
read the rest HERE

Well, I must say, I will never look at these two friends the same way again! ;)

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tahtimbo said...

Okay, this is a joke, right? By asking this question, I open myself up to looking really stupid, but I really do want to know.

Wilson Pon said...

Hahaha, Diva. Way to go, you've spoken out your mind here! lol

By the way, my friends always persuaded me to try this stuff, but I refused to do it, as I don't need it at all!

The Fitness Diva said...

No, joke, tahtimbo. We really did have this conversation! :D
Tickles me every time I think about it! ;)

Kelly B said...

That's so funny! I wonder how many women see a man drinking that and get a little closer...or a little farther....



jh said...

Wow. I have seen those hilarious commercials but I had no idea that it was a drink. Still, the herbs are good ones, I am surprised. More power to your friends I guess, even though it is hilarious.

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heidi said...

Now I have heard of everything!!! OMG!!!!!Haha!

Kevin in Manila said...

You always come up with some interesting posts!

As to this drink, I'm very skeptical of everything except the marketing genius of the ones selling it.

iWalk said...

Oh, Yeah, Interesting conversition.

I have received many pages about some kind of energy drink on stumble these days,But I didn't read them. Oh, Maybe they are promoting same kind of drink! :P

Daisy said...

Gosh, I haven't heard of that before now!

gLoR!e said...

i like to try that one if there any here in phil i will surely try hihihi

The Fitness Diva said...

LOL, Wilson, if you ever do try it, please spill the secrets! ;)
I guess the ones taking it believe in its "powers"!

Kelly, I'm guessing at the very least, it will be a quick way to spark up a conversation!
And yes, it will make you curious...in one way or another, of the guy drinking it! ;)
I wouldn't be sure whether to be attracted, scared or sorry for the guy! ;)

JH, those commercials are a trip!
I always love the careful wording they use! it's SO funny! I just hope that it does work for any guy that decides he needs to order it.
The makers of the product are definitely cleaning up with this one. Let's hope they really deliver! :)

Heidi, you had to be there! lol!

Thanks, Kevin. I thought that was one I just had to share!
With all that stuff in it, it has to be good for something, though...
The L arginine, the zinc, the yohimbe.... they're definitely barking up the right tree, at least! NO pun intended! ;)

John said...

It's so funny, haha

Joy said...

I have never heard of it. I hope it is not in grocery stores. You should almost be required to show ID when purchasing.

Ruz said...

Are these really effective? Did the guys who have been using this had seen results? LOL! Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

Some men (and women) would really prefer size among other things. Geez!

KY's Commonwealth Eye Surgery said...

Nice funny post Diva...We always talk to create awareness but people don't want to listen.
Anyway I have no tried it since I think I don't need it.


Maria said...

This was a hysterical post! I realy do want to know if it works lol!

Shelia said...

HA! Men generally don't want you to know that they're giving their man-man an assist. 'Naaaaww, that's all me.' LOL!

Hilarious :D

piadas said...

Excellent Post. Thanks

Davida said...

I hadn't seen a commercial for this yet, but I agree--it is quite hilarious!


plan your health said...

The dialogues and conversation seems interesting. But I doubt, the product you are talking about is equally effective.

Bstrong said...

I hadn't heard that Extenze made an energy drink, but I'm curious. However, I'd hate to be seen in public downing one of these... I don't think their excuse would fly amongst my friends.

Timon Weller said...

lol.. I don't think we get that drink in Australia.. :)

Cris said...

LOL!!! Your friends are cool!! But I wonder what happened to their uh... Just curious. Did they grow one?

vaginoplasty said...

extenze is the next killer ap. Thanks for the great service. extenze has completely surpassed our expectations.

Cozy said...

always curious with your post.. I love with your post, its so excellent

UPrinting said...

LMAO! That is a funny story!
Even if they aren't drinking it for "enhancement," they cannot choose which among the benefits will affect them, right? So most probably, the enhancement-thing is still working. :D That's as far as I am concerned.

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