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Monday, June 8, 2009

Absolutely Manlicious!

4th and Long, this reality show on Spike TV that has a group of (mostly) good lookin', athletic as hell guys competing to become a Dallas Cowboy, is one of my new guilty little pleasures!

It's a test of endurance, quickness, agility, toughness and heart, not to mention a few cuties on board. What better contest could there be?
Defensive backs vs wide receivers....omg. Love it! I think that wide receivers are the sexiest things on the football field....;)


This is some good, gritty competition going on here, and I actually can't wait to see who makes it in the end.
I also have to say that Michael Irvin is a bit scary! I would hate to have been one of the guys facing him across the line on the football field! He is seriously intimidating! Even these guys start shaking in their boots a bit whenever he steps into the room, he's no joke! I enjoy watching him break these guys' balls every week.
He's like the coach from hell!

If you're not a football fan, you might not get into this show, but if you are, it's pretty entertaining. On the next show, they're going to make the guys run 8 miles...without any advance warning! That's gonna be good! Can't wait to see who falls off, who pukes, and who survives! Yeah, I'm a sick puppy like that! :D
If you want some inspiration to get out there and really push yourself, watch these guys as they go for it. Pretty good stuff, and better than Pros vs Joes, which I also like to check out from time to time. Shows like this inspire me and make me want to go outside and train harder. And the eye candy (for us girls) is not a bad deal either! ;)

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Blogger Rise said...

Great sport...I love this one

Naye said...

So many shows it hard to keep up with the good from the bad. Thanks for sharing this one!

iWalk said...

I feel so sorry that I can't watch this! I think it must very charming!


You have been tagged with an interesting personality test. :)

Never mind you love meme or not, Just have fun with it! :)

Here is the url: http://www.iwalku2.com/2009/06/tagged-by-metz-personality-test.html

KY's Commonwealth Eye Surgery said...

Nice sport and we can obiviously decide between the good shows and the bad shows.

Tammy said...

Sounds like a fun show to watch. I was looking for something new now that my other shows are in rerun.

Jun said...

Hmmm a nice sport for me..thanks

blood banking said...

did you ever watch the show called Hard Knocks? It is on HBO and it is about training camp. You should check it out.

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