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Friday, August 21, 2009

Why Bring Your Dog to the Diner?

Just wondering, and I'd really like some honest answers. Here in New York where I live, all outdoor cafes are not only the domain of just humans anymore; people have decided that this is also a great venue for their dogs.

I have nothing against dogs, and actually like them and grew up with them. Would have one now if I could. But I really just don't get this "take my dog to eat out with me" trend that is prevalent and widespread nowadays at outdoor cafes everywhere I look.

I was eating at one of my favorite outdoor places yesterday,and the guy at the table next to me had his cute little shitzu sitting up in the chair across from him. The guy asked for a second glass of water, as the waiter had only placed one, and next thing you know, he's holding the glass down for the dog to drink water right out of it. I'm thinking, okay....that's just taking it a bit too far, no?

I think that it's great to be able to get your dog out more, and it's also a bonus for some that an increasing number of places are becoming more dog friendly, but don't you think there should be at least some boundaries to the whole thing?

Do you take your dog to the cafe with you? How about letting the dog drink out of the same glasses and/or eat off of the same plates provided for the patrons? (I've seen that, too!!!). Even without those little particulars, are people just becoming way too attached, or trying to humanize their pets a bit much here? What do you think?

Just askin'! ;)

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jacqueline said...

Pets are wonderful!! I know that many pet lovers often see their faithful, four-legged friends as fun-loving family members and I understand. However, I'm not particularly in love with the idea of having them dine out with me. When I was in France a few years ago, it seemed to be the trend. Maybe Doggy Diners would be a profitable venture for many restaurant owners.

aldon @ orient lodge said...

My dog is a 14 year old lab who is going blind. We don't live in the city or near any outdoor cafe's so for me, the question is more hypothetical.

However, I don't see a problem with bringing a dog to an outdoor cafe and or even giving him a drink from a glass of water (dogs do get thirsty).

If I were well off, I might even order my dog a hamburger.

I've worked in restaurants before and I've seen those industrial dishwashers that will clean things far worse than dog spit off of a glass.

So, no, I don't worry about it, and I don't think that it is taking things too far. After all, dogs are man's best friends and sometimes it is nice to take your best friend out.

PJ said...

i don't think i would eat at a place that allowed animals to be there. nope, i would go somewhere else.

Azure Islands Designs said...

I think pets are wonderful...I do not have a dog but know I wouldn't take one to a restaurant...my response has nothing to do with the lack of cleanliness of a dog drinking from a glass and everything to do with how a restaurant is intended to be used as well as courtesy to others dining...but having said that it really wouldn't bother me if someone brought their dog to an outside cafe, it just isn't something I would do... as long as the dog is quiet and well behaved to each his own!!!

I don't think a dogs place is inside a restaurant unless they are a guide dog of some kind, that is a different situation...I would think the local health department would have something to say about dogs other than guide dogs inside a restaurant?


Louise | UPrinting.com said...

Well, dogs are domesticated, so taking care of it is fine.
What's weird though is how some take it too far. I like walking my dog, feeding, playing, tickling it... but I would never ever let him drink water from my glass or lick my face (or worse, my mouth).
It all boils down to hygiene. No matter how much you clean your dog, animals are still different from humans when it comes to hygiene. We'll never know what kind of diseases we may get from doing such act.
I'm all out for animal protection, but we got to set some boundaries... just my opinion. :)

EdZee said...

So far, I have not experienced seeing what you described. While there are many pet lovers in my area, our outdoor dining establishments do not allow such thing yet. I personally do not want it to be allowed.

My wife would quarrel me if she could read my comment. She's an intense animal lover (especially dogs) and she had already tried many times but was not allowed to take her pet dog to the diner.

Urban Thought said...

I think there is a time and place for everything.

But as long as your dog isn't making a ruckus, I don't mind.

Wilson Pon said...

Among the pets, I personally think that dogs are the most fantastic animals of all. According to a survey, dogs are the most loyal animal to their owner!

I used to have a Great Dane dog as a pet, but it had been passed away... :(

Reg Fife said...

If the dog was well-behaved, I wouldn't see a problem. Also, the diner staff ought to be washing their dishes anyway, so I don't see a problem with sanitation either. I would advise against people from letting their pets eat and drink from the same vessels that they are eatind and drinking from. Despite notions to the contrary, dog's mouths are not more sanitary than humans (I would imagine the same goes for cats, too).

jakill said...

The first time I saw dogs in a restaurant was in Paris, and that was inside as well as out. Personally I was a bit shocked but I was assured that it was common and the French were used to it.

I'm not now a dog owner but have been in the past and would not have dreamt of taking our dog when we went out to eat. Nowadays I'm not averse to well-behaved dogs in an outdoor space while their owners get some refreshment, but I'd draw the line at feeding it from crockery that people would be eating from.

Last week I had some relatives visiting with their little dog which is very old, going blind and deaf but still a happy little thing that gets really spoiled. However, when we went into a restaurant, the dog stayed in the car and waited for the treats that were saved to take out to her afterwards.

zuls said...

I personally think bringing pets to dine is not a good idea. It will be unpleasant to other people who don't like it. Unless if there are special restaurant where everybody bring pets.

Homebased money said...

Yes we can give importance to pets ,but there should be some limit for each and every thing you cannot eat in the same dish in which yout pet takes food or if anybody watches that pet is provided same sort of dish which is given to them then it would be difficult to eat at that place for that person.

It's ok that you love your pet and you ought it to be with you everywhere it is possible to be carried ,but think of society and think of your health also because you are prone to sustain diseases which are only transmitted through pets if you have so much of close contact with pets.As it happened in swine flu .

Hence you can take your pets for outing but there should be some specific norms for that which should be maintained so that your pet also enjoys it and people around you are not disturbed.

John @ Family, Fitness and Finances said...

I don't really have a problem with bringing dogs to an outside cafe. As long as they are quiet and well behaved. I would draw the line with feeding and watering them with the same dishes given to human patrons. Even if the dishwasher will probably clean the utensils, it is not a very pleasant thought to be eating off the dishes used to serve dogs. Maybe the establishments should consider "dog only" dishes.

Custom Labels said...

I don't have a problem with dogs outside of restaurants -- inside is another thing entirely. The water thing wouldn't bother me although I don't believe in feeding pets from the table (it only encourages begging). I do think that we tend to be busy so often that taking your dog with you to a restaurant where you can sit outdoors is a great chance for some bonding and to get your dog out for fresh air and a walk. :)

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