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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why You Can't Come Into My Class 17 Minutes Late... Proper Gym Etiquette Vol. 1

First of all, does this really need to be explained, seriously???

I'm thinking that it does after dealing with yet one more indignant, insistent person trying to come into my fitness class more than 10 minutes late, and not just graciously taking "no" for an answer as I tell them they're too late to participate.
A woman tries to come in 17 minutes late and when I tell her she's too late to participate, she, instead of just walking away, begins questioning that and challenging me about it. Like, going into such a thing that late should be the norm. We clearly come from different planets....
I'm from EARTH, by the way. Don't know where YOU came from, honey. But down here, we have a thing called "the clock", and most of us at least try to follow it.

What the hell?? I'm always astounded at the pure selfishness, self absorbedness and pure lack of consideration that some people have. It happens TOO often, by the way.

First of all, YOU'RE late. It was traffic, you had to do X-Y-Z, you missed the train, you had to pick up the kids, etc etc etc. I get that. But guess what? Stuff happens, and when it does, you sometimes have to just go ahead and change your plans. Life as you know it will not end if you don't get to do exactly what you want to do all of the time. If I'm telling you that it's too late to come into the exercise class, accept that, don't argue with me (while I'm trying to teach and keep roughly 40 people engaged, by the way), and graciously make your way over to the treadmill, the elliptical or the weight room, and work out on your own. The gym has a TON of equipment just waiting for you to use. You miss the class this time, no biggie. Because you are late, and I can't allow you to come in and disrupt everyone else in the room, and also not just jump into my workout without being properly warmed up, you will just have to apply your own workout methods today. Sorry!
Once again, NOT the end of the world!

Reasons why it's not practical for you to jump into a class that already began 15, 20, 25 minutes ago:

1- It's not fair to all of the people who came early and waited on line to get in here

2- It's not fair for others that got here on time to have to stop their exercising as you step around, past and in front of them trying to get your weights and set up your spot.

3- It's not fair for those that got here on time to have to move their step, weights, mat and various other equipment to make a spot for YOU, the one who is late.

4- Once the class has begun, parameters have been set: everyone knows how much room they need to move in each direction. You come in out of the blue and throw EVERYBODY off.

5- You did not go through the proper warm up to prepare you for the exercises that we are now doing.

6- You distract the instructor and the class participants by trying to come in so late.

7- There is actually a sign posted outside the door that says "do not enter the studio more than 10 minutes after class has started"

8- An exercise class that has a specific start time is not something you can just come into at any point and anytime you feel. Do you show up at work whenever you feel like it?

9- It's inconsiderate, and darn it, IT'S JUST NOT POLITE.

Standing there and trying to 'discuss' it with me while I'm clearly trying to teach just adds to the complete rudeness of the whole thing even more. Why do it? Just accept and walk away.

I personally would never have the audacity to stand up at an aerobics room door and insist on being let in late EVER. Whatever happened to respect and humility? When you're wrong, you're wrong. You should be humble about it, not indignant. You are NOT entitled to run roughshod through the place just because you are paying a membership fee. EVERYBODY pays that fee, and they follow the rules. You should, too.

Okay. I hope I've helped a few of you (and you know who you are) on the road to proper gym etiquette, considerateness for your gym peers and environment, and all around polite behavior. If no one else ever took the time to teach you these things, I certainly will! ;)

Until next time..... try to be just a bit nicer at the gym!

Fitness Diva

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ish said...

wow your a terror gym teacher ;), but this is a very good way of teaching your class some discipline... discipline that can help somebody achieve there goals.

robert troch said...

I feel the same as you. Really these people need to question why they are even exercising in the first place. If you can't do it on your own, feel the burning need to have a class to do it, etc then why are you doing it? What are your reasons exactly? If you need the teacher, the class and the group then do you really want it? I don't think so.

James | Postcard Printing said...

Why invent clock if no one is following the time. If that is her reason maybe throw away that clock and start to follow reason, no more time hehehehehehe. Just make appointment at morning and then they will have to figure out themselves if they want it that way.

Dinah said...

yup, it all boils to respect. if you are late, accept it. rather try to make other people suffer from your tardiness.

Azure Islands Designs said...

Couldn't agree with you more...a few years ago I took a Yoga class (loved it) and one woman was late to varying degrees almost every class...the instructor would just keep on doing what she was doing ignoring her...but it was disruptive to the class...if I was the instructor I would have taken her aside at the end of the class and spoken to her!


jacqueline said...

I wouldn't tolerate it one minute. Good on ya!!!

Mark said...

way of teaching your class some discipline... discipline that can help somebody achieve there goals.

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