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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Need Help for Improved Digestion?

I have lately been experiencing some minor digestive issues, and I always manage to find something out here that helps me eliminate whatever problem it is I'm facing. Following some of the detox strategies in this book I'm about to recommend entitled "Renew Your Life" is actually helping me to rebalance my digestive system. Mine tends to go out of whack about once every so often, and after doing some type of a cleanse, it usually clears itself up. This book is a very helpful and informative read, and some of the techniques the author, who is a colon and digestive care specialist recommends work pretty quickly.
So, if any of you out here are going through any gastro-intestinal issues, you might want to check it out. This is a pure recommendation -- I am not affiliate marketing this book. Hopefully it will be of a help to you, too.

From the book jacket:

"Whether the body experiences minor symptoms like fatigue or heartburn or already has such conditions as fibromyalgia or irritable bowel syndrome, the process of healing and restoring the body to health involves taking certain steps. It is critical to good health and the immune system that the right ratio of good bacteria to bad bacteria be maintained in the intestines..."

Book Link:


I'm also going to give a link to the Q&A section on her website. Very helpful, and you can also look there to see what advice she has to alleviate any digestive issues that you might be having. There is a ton of info on this forum where she answers quesstions directly: http://blog.brendawatson.com/forum/?doing_wp_cron

Take care, and good health to you!

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Antique Engagement Rings said...

Drink a lot of fiber and that usually cleans out your system.

Azure Islands Designs said...

I've had stomach issues for about 8 years now...I finally was able to see a gastroenteralogist about 6 months ago and his remedy was to give me pills that are used for something else but whose side effects should help my problems...when I told him I was disappointed with his approach he said even if he knew what was causing my issues he probably couldn't cure it so he would try to mask it as best he could with pills!!! I'm not one to take pills, especially for their side effects!!!!!!

Needless to say I'm going to check out the book & the Q & A section!!!
Thanks for sharing...

Michelle | Label Printing said...

I'm not very wary about my health but sometimes it pays to detoxify to help you feel lighter somehow. Always eat right and you won't need to be wary.

contact lenses said...

Detoxification really helps. The best way is to have fruits and vegetables rich in fibre. The best one is a water-melon for it is rich in fiber and water. Detoxification should be done not only when you have stomach aches but once every 3 months for 2 days atleast to keep fit and free your body of any unwanted toxics.

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