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Thursday, December 14, 2006

My Transition....with not one day's rest....!

..."what's a Diva to do?", one might ask oneself, when you're faced with the task of having to dismantle everything you've sucessfully built over a long stretch of years, only to now have to turn your back and walk away from it all!

Well, in many ways, I have been preparing for this moment for a long, long time now. I'm always writing out business plans about one business idea or another. I have notebooks full of this brilliant crap! The beautiful thing is, now when I look back in some of those notebooks, I'm finding that many of those mad scientist-worthy, well outlined plans actually have some meat to them. I'm so glad that any damn business idea, or thought for a product or a design for something that ever came to me on the spur of the moment, or during one of my billion rides on the train, found me with a notebook on hand to jot it all down. Yep, that was me you saw on the subway-- Crazy Chick, scribbling away frantically in a spiral notebook, a pen stuck in my hair....

I have already started my own independent class in Manhattan; Cardio Kickbox Bootcamp, and so far, it's going well. I'm gonna start 3 more, and that will keep me teaching. I can't leave fitness completely. It's too important a part of my life, and it's a love of mine. But I also can't keep working for other people on their terms, and taking bullshit for it. So......

I now have two websites running. One is ThePinkRibbonMall.com
Stop by, take a look, do some shopping! The other website I own and run, I'll discuss at a later time...;).

I am now in the process of building 3 other sites, having learned some HTML and basic programming along my journey. I can't wait until my other sites are up. They are gonna be BANGIN'! I also plan to start another blog somewhere, cause there's a totally different side of my life that I need to express!! Hmmmmm....what could THAT be about? lol It'll be here soon, peeps...!

Also, I am working on a couple ideas that I plan to unveil to the world a bit LATER. Can't show all my cards in one hand! lol I've got lots to work with, so I have no fear. I'm excited!!

Now if I could just afford an assistant..... I'm brilliant at some things, but SUCK at certain other simple tasks, like organizing, and staying on top of all the bills. I'm guessing that condition would be called being a "genius savant"? Has anybody coined that one yet? Cuz, that would be me! lol Okay...gotta work NOW.... I can't procrastinate!!! I can't afford it yet!

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