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Monday, February 26, 2007

It's Almost Time....


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Talk About Rapid Weight Loss....

.....I'm losing lbs by the MINUTE! NO, it's not some cool new diet craze I just heard about, it's called the "I need a root canal and can't chew solid food til I get one CRISIS!!".
Yep! I woke up the other night at 3am with my entire right jawbone screaming bloody murder!
This recurring toothache I've been getting on and off the past few months has again reared its' ugly head, and now demands my FULL ATTENTION, no room for BS. I, as a result of this skull wrenching pain, cannot chew anything solid, because if my top teeth even touch the bottoms on the right side, I get these great lightning bolts of pure agony that last until the Motrin kicks in. Damn!

So...all I can eat now is soup, or anything mashed or pureed. I have never been so interested in how many varieties of soup exist in all my life! I am soooo over chicken noodle, my childhood favorite, after having had it many times in the past few days. Tomato rice sounds cool, if I can ever find it. Noodle bowls work pretty well, I just gotta remember to use my tongue as teeth. lol... What fun!
But the great thing is that tonight, dinner is gonna be a bowl of Stove Top Stuffing! MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmm!

Oh, and get this, I still taught class yesterday and today,(totally doped up on rivers and rivers of painkillers) and after lisping thru, I informed those who asked what was going on with me that I was having dental problems. One of my members then said, "well, look on the bright side....at least you'll lose a few pounds this week!" God damn 'em! You just gotta love the way some people think!
Anyways, now that I've finally found my insurance card so I can actually go to the dentist, I'm on the way back to having teeth, so I can eat like a human again. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!! Not eating solid food SUCKS!!! I don't advise it AT ALL!!!!!

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