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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

And The Beach Body Returns....

I haven't been really kicking my own ass lately, but I did cut back on my sugar intake some. I have, however, been kicking some gym member butt all during the past month or so. "Did you take a 'Kill 'em' workshop or something?!" one of my Tuesday morning class members asked me today. I did whup up on them especially hard this past session...lol. No, no workshops, my dear. I'm just really inspired lately. Getting back into my martial arts, brainstorming, and designing programs that make it pump and that are Bad Ass! I guess that's melting the pounds offa me too, cause the past few days I keep catching myself in the mirror and realizing...the bikini body is BACK, baby! It's not all the way "ripped" right now, but it's looking DAYUM good! And I ain't even tryin' yet. Hee hee.... Yeah!

Right now one thing I'm really enjoying as a quick, on the run snack are the Wendy's salads. The Chicken Mandarin is my fave lately. I love picking out and eating the orange slices first, and then scarfing down mouthfuls of yummy chicken and greens. Another snack I also love are the chicken kabobs that you get from the street carts all over the city. Coupla mouthfuls of meat every now and then, and I'm good to go! lol

Hey...how's your fitness program going? You betta be working.....! And watch those calories!

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