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Monday, May 14, 2007

The Chicken Diet

Well....that's what it seems like I'm on...lol

I have been eating quite a bit of the old bird these days. Just a binge run, I guess.

I tend to get these stretches where I can eat the same type of food every day for damn near two weeks or more. The only thing that breaks the streak is to get a bad or not so tasty plate of that particular food somewhere down the line. Then, my taste buds change their mind.

I have been making this killer spanish flavor, curry enhanced stir chicken that goes well with rice, noodles, and that I can dump on top of a salad and enjoy. It is to die for.

The great thing about it is, I like it so much, I've pretty much just been eating it straight....no carbs to interrupt the flavor. From time to time, I do this quasi-Atkins type of eating pattern where I just eat meat, fruit and veggies. After a week of that, the musculature that is ever present on me really starts to stand out.
When I lift up my shirt, I can actually see a couple cans of the six pack coming in (well, for me, it's a 4 pack....I've never in life had 6...my stomach just doesn't do that! lol).

In case you're interested, here's my recipe for Yvonne's Spanish Curry Chicken:

One whole chicken, cut up into parts

Two tablespoons diced garlic

One packet Goya Sazon

One tablespoon lemon pepper

Two tablespoons curry

Adobo seasoning (to taste)

two tablespoons cooking oil

two tablespoons water

In a large, deep skillet, heat your oil on low, and toss in the garlic. Just as the garlic and oil start to cook, toss your chicken pieces (already dusted and covered in Sazon, Adobo and lemon pepper) into the pan. Turn the heat up to medium, add in the water and cover. Let cook and slightly steam for about 7 minutes.

Take off the lid. You should see the chicken looking slightly poached, and more liquid in the pan, a mixture of both the water and the chicken's natural juices.
Turn chicken pieces over and lower heat a notch.

Pierce each chicken piece through with a barbecue fork or a sharp knife.

Chicken should cook for about another ten minutes uncovered, then turn pieces again. Be sure to watch carefully, so the liquids don't dry out. It has to keep some gravy to cook correctly.
After the ten minutes add in the curry, sprinkling lightly and covering all the pieces. Cover skiller again, for five minutes. Then open, turn chicken one last time to cover both sides with the seasonings and let cool.

Done. One thing you can also do, if you like real garlicky dishes (like I sometimes do) is to add more garlic about 10 minutes before it's all done.

Goes best with rice (brown or white) and rice noodles (my favorite buy from the Asian market).

Yes, there's a bit of sodium here, but you'll be in the gym sweating that right out, won't you? Yep. You bet you will! Enjoy!

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ariana said...

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The Painted Veil said...

I see you have a very dedicated fan there. Wow...impressive!!

I love this recipe and I need new ways to do my chicken. This just looks delicious!!

Merry Christmas and Happy day!

The Fitness Diva said...

LOL, Jackie! I would say that I could use a few more like her, but truthfully, that might not be as great a situation as one might think! Happy Holidays to you as well!

William K Wallace said...

I love curry and I love chicken, so I guess I will give it a go. A new chicken recipe is definitely something that I need big time, because I'm starting to get fed up with my own cooking. I only have about six recipes that I'm real good at, which doesn't help the situation!

And I hope Santa is good to you..

Jennifer is Always Sick said...

Yeah...I totally want some Indian food right now. When you said garlic and curry, my mouth started watering.

Dieting Diet said...


That recipe looks good. Keep up the good work on your site.

Master Cleanse said...

Hi, the receipe sounds great. Chicken is typically a favourite with many people, so I will have a go at this. Will probably do well after completing the Lemonade Diet.

Betsy Miller said...

Adobo Yum! I didn't know you can buy it as a seasoning.

Btw, you might want to remove your #1 fan's mail and number above for privacy purposes.


nyc diamond district wedding bands said...

Great recipe! The Adobo is the killer ingredient. I would suggest something to compliment the chicken. One thing that I do is have onions, green peppers, garlic, red peppers, cilantro all cut up on little pieces and pour vinegar to it. Mix it really well and pour it around the chicken or steak or whatever. The vinegar does cut most of the fat from most meats and will do good for you body!! Try it!

alf said...

i like to try this. so easy and i've been using sazon to cook rice but never tried the adobo with chicken yet.

Catherine said...

Mmmm...sounds delicious! I like the sound of this dish...very simple and healthy!

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