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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Congratulations, Venus!!

MY girl! The Williams sisters are SO inspiring, and in my opinion, prove that will, self determination and unstoppable confidence are key in achieving your goals. For the past couple years, people have been saying they're washed up, Serena's out of shape, their dominant run is over, etc...la la la. Come again??

After recovering from injuries, this year Serena's been decimating opponents left and right, and if not for her sudden calf injury in the quarterfinals, we'd have had a Williams vs Williams final. I'da bet the house on it! ;)

After it was all said and done, Venus won her fourth Wimbledon championship!

I was hoping for Serena to complete her vicious and stellar comeback after winning the Australian and jumping back up in rank, but seeing Venus make it all the way back is just as good! Well done, ladies! Keep up the inspiring work!

I am now on my way out the door to hit the tennis courts...:).
Yeah, I've been working on my game this summer, just like the last. It's getting good.
Those girls aren't the only ones with Grand Slam aspirations.... ;)

See you on the courts!


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