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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ughhhh....the lazy Diva....!

I know I have been neglecting my blog here!! I have been more absorbed in enjoying my summer! Forgive this oversight, okay? Okay! Thanks!

I have been busy working on my tennis game, and for the most part, blading my self ragged every day. I am soooo addicted to rollerblading right now! Uhhhhh! Me and the blades up at 7:00 am to hit the streets and the park to avoid all the street and pedestrian traffic. Me skating the loop around my favorite park for like 15 to 20 miles (2x around is a mile....I've done as much as 46 loops, my record thus far).
You can't tell me DIP! I am one bad azz bee-ach on my blades!!! Music strapped into my ears; my own mixes of jazz, Italian music that I bought in Florence a few years ago, old house mixes and such....my fierce gear with matching shorts, t strap tops and/or capris, blades BLAZIN'...! Yes! I am the Queen of Blades when I'm on my wheels!

And the results are in; my core and lower body strength is fierce right now! Everything is soooo tight it's crazy! I felt my butt this morning and was like "Damn! That's one firm ass!" And it is. But my lower body is always tight for the most part, what from constantly teaching kickboxing and step, and the million squats and lunges I must do in a year while teaching. However, just like walking or breathing, your muscles get used to whatever activity you normally expose them to. So, when I add something else to the mix, like my tennis, blading or whatever, I get even better results than normal. Cool, huh?

Sooo....anyway...how's your summer coming along? Been getting more activity into your schedule? I hope so. Do it now, or you damn sure won't when the weather starts to get cold! Use these beautiful days as an excuse to get your butt up and out the door to your favorite park, bike trail, pool....wherever! Just get out!
I'll check on you soon! Here's to healthiness!

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