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Monday, September 17, 2007

Fitness in the Fall - My Kick Ass Routine

Where the hell did the summer go? It seems like I just went to sleep one night, and when I woke up the next morning, it was fall. Bam! Just like that! No gradual cooling off of temperatures these days. Hello, global warming!

Anyhow, my tennis permit is gonna run out soon, so, if I'm going to still play, I'll have to go renegade, climbing over fences, and going to areas way out of my range. That is not very likely to happen, for real.

But rollerblading in the fall is still the sh*t. After blading for about 5 to 10 mins in even the coldest temperatures, your body really warms up. Blading when it's colder is also more enjoyable because there tend to be less people outside and in the parks, the wimps! I like cold weather. In this city, most people stay off the streets when it's cold. Better for me! I no longer have to skate around you! ;)

Besides my blading, I'm adding some outside jumprope to my regimen. I bought myself a mini boom box to play my favorite aerobics CD's on while jumping. Jumping rope to music is the best; a real motivator. I found a box that weighs not even 3.5 lbs, that I can stuff into my backpack, and I then head over to a tiny little plaza square by my house and rock it for about an hour. I never blast my music loud, so the neighbors still love me. ;)

My Fall Jumprope Workout Routine:

2 - 3 minutes stretch (hamstrings, quads, calves, hip flexors, triceps, back, biceps, shoulders)

Warm up jump - 10 mins

15 lunges (first leg)10 bench push ups, 15 lunges (other leg)10 push ups

2nd round jump - 15 minutes

20 squat front kicks, 40 crunches on park bench

3rd round jump - 15 minutes

20 rabbit hop jumps, 50 reverse crunches, lying down, legs over back of bench

Final jump - jump until completely spent. Sometimes that's 10 mins, sometimes 15, sometimes 20. Jump until you cannot lift another leg. That's how you really rock it all the way out!

Final Stretch, go home.

This workout leaves me feeling so amazing when it's done. The endorphins kick in like a mega vitamin shot. I can jump rope for more than an hour, WITHOUT the calisthenic breaks, only stopping now and then for a few seconds to sip some water. The endurance I've gained from jumping rope is amazing!

Anyway, there it is. Now, if you want to try this, know that you may have to reduce the rope intervals. Not everyone can jump rope for a straight 10 or 15 minutes, at least not at first. Start with 5 minute intervals and work your way up. And if you do smaller time limits, do more intervals of them. This workout will rip you up nicely if you do it right (and of course, alter your diet a bit).

I throw this into my weekly routine at least twice a week, 3x if I'm really trying to get ripped. Have fun with it! I do!

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