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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Keepin' It Young, Baby....Soulja Boy Style!

Today I went and visited my nieces and nephews, ages 6, 8 and 11. It was the little one's birthday, and she wanted me to bring her a Barbie (of all things...lol). I instead got her a "That's So Raven" hairstylin' doll, complete with accessories.

Can I first interject that the doll doesn't look like Raven Symone, but instead is a dead ringer for Beyonce? I swear. Check the photos on the package AND the doll. There must have been a doll head mold mixup back at the factory!

Anyway, she loved it, along with the Dora the Explorer set I got her. So, we spent an hour or so creating little scenarios for the doll, along with one of her Barbie's, to experience, like getting their hair done, dressing up, going to the club, going to the doctor, going shopping....you know, GIRLY stuff. I must admit, I was a bit TOO into it! lol

Then I noticed my other niece and nephew online playing around on Myspace and YouTube, and all of a sudden when this song came on, they jumped up and started doing this cute little dance! It caught my attention, as jumping around usually does...so I went over to investigate.

The song is called "Crank the Soulja Boy (Superman)" by Soulja Boy. Well, after a few listens, I was up and trying to learn the dance myself. It, along with the rap, are really TOO cute!!! My nieces, nephews AND their little friends that were over at the time ALL knew how to do it, and it was infectious. Now I'M doing the Crank the Soulja Boy Superman dance too! It's hilarious, and there are all these people on Youtube doing their own versions of it. Hell, after I get it right, I just might post my own! LOL!

Anyway, here it is. Check this out!

Soulja Boy Superman Instructional Video!

Kids on YouTube version (the best one)

The Original video - HOT!

Another cute mini version

If you're not not up trying to do the dance yourself, you're probably not alive and breathing! lol

By the way, I broke a damn good sweat trying to work this out! ;)

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