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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Rock it Like Federer....

....That's my new catch phrase. You know, as in "Bend it like Beckham"? After watching Roger Federer wipe pretty much everyone else in sight off the court with such precision, mastery, and at times, effortlessness, I have now dubbed the word 'Federer' an adjective (and a verb!). Who better to deserve this honor?

Here is the complete definition:

fed*er*er 1. strong, dominant, masterful

fed*er*ate 1. to demolish, conquer or annihilate

fed*er*ize 1. to endow a person, place or thing with superior quality or ability

fed*er*es*sence 1. complete dominance and mastery of a situation
2. flawless precision

Just as with Spanish and Italian verbs, you drop the er (r/re) suffix to conjugate.

Ok. I think that sums it up! Let's use each of them in a sentence!

Dude, I'm about to go completely Federer on this project pitch. We are going to GET that client!

My abs are killing me today! I totally federated my entire body during that last workout!

My apartment layout sucks! I'm going to rip out that wall, hit Home Depot, and absolutely federize this place!

She handled that entire situation with complete federessence. I had no idea she had such cojones!

To federate, federize or 'be federer' about something is to completely annihilate it, knock it out, rock it....be it a task, an opponent (in any circumstance), a concept...whatever. I think it works!

Now, try out a few sentences of your own. You might even be able to come up with better ones than I have!

Now, do NOT make the mistake of slipping up and saying "Federline" instead of "Federer". That, will unfortunately, bring up a completely opposite list of definitions! Always be sure to carefully differentiate the two!

My prediction for the winner of the 2007 US Open men's final? You know who. Of course, you do! Federer is gonna get out there and Rock it like Roger. Tennis at its awesome best, and I will be there watching, admiring, and wondering how anyone can be THAT damn good!

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