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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Go Diva, It's your birthday, Go Diva.....!

Ahhhhhh. Yessss! I woke up today feeling FABULOUS!!! Got myself a good night's sleep after watching the US Open night matches, and since I took off work today, I got to sleep without worrying about being up on time! Yum!

I am having a "do whatever the hell I feel like" day, and haven't yet decided how the day will unfold. I'm starting it off with a Godiva Mocha flavored coffee (my newest little sin...yummy!) and relaxing here watching the morning matches of the US Open. You know I love tennis!

The only thing stopping me from getting a US Open ticket is that the crowds there have multiplied fourfold since the last time I went to Flushing Meadows, and I HATE crowds. I got to see the very first Williams vs Williams final a few years ago, and also attended matches the following couple years. Now, tennis as a whole has become SO popular that the people quotient there has gotten a bit out of hand. The Williams' are back, and Sharapova, Roddick, Nadal, the Serbs (love them!, especially that crazy Novak Djokovic!), James Blake, and some guy named Roger Federer...lol, have all become such STARS that everyone is turning out to see them en masse. The Open is the ticket right now, and everyone is making it their business to be there. Can't blame 'em either; the matches have been on fire the past few days! Definitely worth the price of any ticket!
Not long ago, I remember being able to walk the grounds of the Open freely without having to step over tons of people. I might get over that, though, and go anyway. Who knows? lol

Some serious blading will definitely be on the menu today. Just another thing that makes me feel fabulous, so I can't miss out on that! Later on, a sumptuous dinner somewhere. I'm feeling some butter drenched lobster coming on!

I have to say now that fitness has been DAMN good to me. I look FAR younger than I actually am, to the point where I'm still getting carded at bars, and in some places when I go to buy beer/alcohol. It's almost to the point where it's a bit eerie. It's somewhat strange to me that folks at times find it so hard to believe that I'm of (drinking) age. When I show them my ID, they're always like "NO WAY!!". Gotta admit, I LOVE that! Hee heeee!

Depending on my hairstyle and state of restedness, I can still pass for a teenager on certain days. No one else that I know in my age range can pull that one off, but I do, and it happens often! ;) But usually, I'm pegged for being in my early to mid 20's. Cool as hell, that is, since I'm sooooo much older than that! How old, you ask? No, no, darling. A Diva NEVER tells! Now you knew I was going to say that, didn't ya? ;).

A toast to fitness...something I live and breathe, the engine that drives and sustains this fabulous body and life of mine. I hope and pray to have many more years like this!

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