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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Staying On a Roll.....and Bounce

Is it really winter already?? DAMN! Where the hell does the time go? I guess losing track of time is a sign of you've been pretty busy, which I have been.
I have unfinished websites coming out of my azz, but the good news is that two will be ready for launch tomorrow. Don't piss this Diva off...she comes out WORKING!

Ok. Y'all know I'm crazy, right? Yeah. I am. When it comes to fitness, I'm like a junkie in a crack store. I saw an Urban Rebounder in my studio at Wall St the other day after teaching class, and started jumping on it. Mind you, this is not the first time I've seen a rebounder. I actually took the Urban Rebounding workshop and got certified to teach it umpteen years ago, but never bothered to get myself a rebounding class.
Anywhoo.....guess who went right home and ordered an Urban Rebounder? Yep. You got it! Now this mini trampoline is sitting in the middle of my living room, and I've had to figure out quick where to store it without having to close it back up after every time I use it. (Opening and closing it - NOT easy!)
I just couldn't resist! You'd think I'd seen it for the very first time, the way I came right home and ordered it, like PRONTO. I get these impulse urges sometimes......luckily for me it's usually for good, healthy stuff!! Otherwise I'd be in BEEG TROUBLE!

So, it finally arrived yesterday, and I took it for a spin. I've found that a good thing to do is turn on a music video station on the telly, get up on that thing, and GO! I bounced to the beat for a good 20 minutes, working some different moves here and there, and then jumped off. That was a damn good sweat I got for my efforts, even though it took about 10 minutes for me to break a sweat. But then again I AM a fitness instructor!!! Not like mere mortals at all! lol

By the way...
-the cost of an Urban Rebounder, complete with workout dvds, carry bag, 5 year warranty and shipping: $189.00
-being able to bounce up and down in my living room just like I was a little kid again -- PRICELESS!
The cats were looking at me like I'd gone bonkers. They didn't know what quite to make of me up in the air....

The great thing about having a trampoline at home is that I can run on it instead of going outside when I don't feel like getting dressed, or am just feeling too lazy to go outside. Somehow, even when feeling lazy, I know I'll still get up on that thing. Good move for me, getting it!

Ok, darlings, back to the land of webdivadom for me. I gotta finish those sites before I get sleepy. Then, I'm going for another ride on my rebounder! Cheers!

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