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Friday, October 5, 2007

Wedding on the Horizon.....

Ughhh....as fun as they are, I am not looking forward to it! No, it's not MY wedding, but I still feel the pressure to show up looking exceptionally good, since everyone knows I'm a fitness queen. It's a pressure I put on myself, because I'm such an anal perfectionist. Yes, I am! And also, it's FAMILY (ones I haven't seen in years), so they all wonder what the hell is happening to me up in old NYC. (the wedding is in North Carolina, home of fried everything, thick gravy, fat and REAL butter). I just always feel like I gotta represent. I have to show them how great it is to be fit, down there in that land of XXXX sizes and all you can eat buffets. Most of my family in the south is overweight, and loving it! I need for them to see that it's worth it, all the sweat, toil, muscle ache and sacrifice I go thru to look and be trim and fabulous! Yep! That's why I live!

Anyhow, I am looking forward to seeing the fam, dancing, laughing and drinking to exhaustion, and trying to avoid 3000 calorie plates of food all weekend. Should be a blast!

Hey, has anyone invented a low calorie wedding cake yet? Just wondering..... ;)

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