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Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's So Yummy!

My schedule, that is. I love being able to go and knock out a couple classes in the morning or mid day, and be DONE. The rest of the day is MINE. I step out of the gym door and ask myself "what do we want to do RIGHT NOW?". I can do ANYTHING I feel! LOVE IT!
That is the most important thing in life to me; being able to do whatever the heck I feel WHEN I feel. It's priceless!

Today, being the rainy day that it is, finds me inside, maintaining my websites, watching ATP tennis, all the games leading up to the US Davis Cup. Right now I'm watching Djokovic vs Nadal. Loving it. I have a date later, and all the time in the world to relax, luxuriate, and then go take a nice, decadently long bubble bath. Yum!

On the personal fitness front, I've been pretty good this week. Workout and diet are in sync. NO bad stuff. And anyway, with next week being Thanksgiving day, that's a good thing. Put a little in the bank now for all the sins I'm gonna commit later. This TDay will see me up in the Bronx with the fam. Everbody's cooking. Baked macaroni and cheese, my absolute favorite, awaits. I plan to be ready. A couple more runs to round out this week, and I'm good to go. Bring those heaping plates of turkey day food ON! I'm going in, and taking NO prisoners! I'll be stuffing my face and savoring EVERY bite. Then, after the euphoria wears off, you'll see me on the treadmill as usual. lol. What did you think? I'd eat my way thru the bronx and just sit on my butt? Not THIS diva. Never. I do what I gotta do.

I am SO looking forward to Thanksgiving day dinner! Aren't you? :D

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