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Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Latest Obsession....

When I fall in love, I fall hard. Really. I become so infatuated.....the mere thought of our next encounter breaks me out into a tingly sweat. Yes, I even get butterflies. I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about that next succulent moment that we both shall meet. The wait is pure agony.
I woke up this morning knowing that my wait was over -- today was the day! Sunday....the one day of the week that I know for sure we'll be together. And as always, it was bliss!

As I walked up 14th St approaching Union Square, I could feel my heart racing. My latest love was but steps away! I crossed Broadway, walked past the train station, and there, waiting for me with open arms as always, it was. MY Whole Foods Market! I knew it missed me just like I had missed it all week long! Oh! I could feel the warm embrace enfold me as I walked through the doors....

Okay, can I just explain how much I love this place? It's like the nondescript, fade into the background guy that has always been there on the periphery of your world, but you never really noticed how smokin' hot he really is until you by happenstance have a conversation with him one day. Then as he speaks, you notice his sexy, smouldering eyes and how without even trying, they draw you in. And his cute as hell smile. And damn, he's SMART too!, you realize a few minutes into the exchange. And then you think "Why the hell hadn't I noticed you before?" lol

The Whole Foods Market in Union Square is like that guy. I have walked past there so many dozens of times, just busily heading for the train. I'd glanced at it a couple times, but never felt compelled to go in to pick up anything. Well, a couple months ago, I wanted to pick up some fruit to take home so I went inside. From THAT moment, it was all over. They had me at 'Hello'. This is the most incredible shopping mart I've ever had the pleasure of being in, with all its ready to cook seasoned meats and seafood, neat little take away cartons of ready made goodies, and every kind of granola ever made. They also have a natural homeopathic health and beauty section and natural remedy center that I find pretty damned interesting. And the endless variety of pre-packaged fish really sets me off.
In addition to some damn fine pomegranates, I came home with some cod, salmon, tilapia and almost went for some fresh mackerel until I looked in my wallet. lol But my favorite thing right now is the Mediterranean and Cajun peel and eat shrimp. I won't leave there without it. And the gourmet cheese section! The great thing about Whole Foods Market is that they support local farmers, eschew hormone and steroid infused meats and produce, and on top of that, they make it so damn easy to get yourself a good, good meal. So many things packaged, prepped and waiting for you. I can't walk past there without going in now, and sometimes I can't even wait until Sunday to do it. I'll sneak in a quickie during the middle of the week!

Today they had these cute little seafood salads, done somewhat ceviche style. I bought a mussel salad that had red & green peppers and onions in vinaigrette. It was soooo good. I also picked up my usual Med shrimp, but I'm not done. I saw a couple things I gotta go back for with more moolah in my pocket. Whole Foods Market is not expensive, but I can't stop putting things in the cart when I'm there, so that requires much more money than I walk in there with. But for now, I'm satisfied and happy. Ahhhhh....until we next meet. Big kisses, Whole Foods.....

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