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Friday, November 23, 2007

Marion Jones and Barry Bonds Scapegoats??

We all know the stories, and the facts that have come to light. Yes, Marion Jones should have her medals stripped. I'm a bit on the fence about her having to return all the prize money, though, because she did show up and participate, and all those involved in her camp were paid from her winnings....hmmm, that's a slippery slope, that one. But, my real question is, who else is being investigated with such diligence? Is it ALL the athletes, or just a chosen few? Here we are in 2007 and they're STILL after these few folks like bloodhounds. Why only them?

I also sense some type of unfairness in the whole Barry Bonds situation as well. Once again, I ask, WHO ELSE is being put through this same scrutiny to such a degree? Are the powers that be just pissed because he broke Hank Aaron's home run record? That he now goes in the history books? What about all the other "dirty" players? We know they're out there, suiting up every game as usual. Is it only the golden, chosen few, or do they ALL have to go through this constant scrutiny? Is it done by a lottery? Put some names in a hat....Just wondering. I'm not sure this is all being done with complete fairness.

At the end of the day, I think they are both still magnificent athletes. Marion's case is just plain sad. If only she had let her natural talent do the talking. But then again, we all don't know the situation that prompted her to put that crap in her body. And was it just once? Should one slip collapse the entire building? That should also be factored in. Was it one event, one year, or her entire career? And how do they determine that? This is all just one big mess!

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