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Friday, November 30, 2007

Thanksgiving Hangover...

Yes, still....a week later! My body is feeling the effects of my 4 day weekend of complete decadence. I went for a run last night and thought I was gonna DIE. lol I haven't felt like THAT in a while! But then, it all boils down to what I put in my body....Your food is your fuel, remember? Apparently the body doesn't run quite as well on half a pan of baked macaroni and cheese, ham, dressing and heaping plates of rice, beans and potato salad. Hmph! Who knew? lol. I did, of course, but I still had my fun. Tonight I will take another run, and hopefully this one will be better than the last. Also, sometimes your body just has a bad exercise day. I was rocking some fierce aerobics on Tuesday, and was full of energy. After teaching two classes, I was still bouncing. But the next day....not so much!
I'm looking forward to the challenge of an extra mile this evening. Well, not really. lol.

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