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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Trying To Be Good....

Oeeey! As I mentioned before, I'm on a crash course to get ripped in two weeks, which is a little trick I pull out of my hat every now and then. It requires that I forego many of the naughty little pleasures this diva likes to indulge in. Like chocolate. Cheeseburgers. Haagen Dazs milkshakes. And beer. Those are all no-nos when you're trying to shed your top layer of fat. Hey, even a 5th grader knows that!

But wouldn't ya know, temptation comes knockin' on my door, RIGHT ON MY CLASSROOM DOOR, in the form of one of my beloved boxing class members imploring me to come have drinks at the Irish bar up the block from me. I swear, I tried to beg off...but it didn't work. So, 9pm saw me meeting up with some of my boxing class members for drinks. lol
Yeah, I'm one GREAT role model, ain't I? lol. I have to tell you, though...my boxing peeps are the coolest in the world. LOVE them. We're all local since we all live in this neighborhood, and although I try not to mix work and play, this time I just said "heck with it. Let me go knock back a few". And that we all did! There went my plan to stay on the straight and narrow for two weeks straight out the window! About 7 Black Russians later, I was loving every damn body at the bar! Let the fun begin! lol

I don't regret it, though. It was a great time, and getting to spend some quality time with my class members without having to be "Ms. Instructor" was the bomb! I got to let my hair down, and just be the crazy fool I am. ;). I was so smashed at the end of it that I came home and cooked breakfast. At 2am. Yep! That's the kind of stuff I do when I'm buzzin'! I could whip up an entire dinner if you asked! lol

I woke up this morning not feelin' too bad, but I made sure to awaken myself "gently". Then I drank like a ton of water. Then, I was good to go, and ready to teach my 9 and 10am classes! Yep. I'm bad ass and I know it! Just call me Superchick, okay? And that's "Miz Superchick" to you! ;)

But now, it's pay time. Ohhhhhh boy, is it. I'm gonna hit the gym later and do a true punishment workout. I'm also going to do about a 4 to 5 mile run this evening. Sweat out the extra calories, sugar and crap from my body. Also, this little diva is gonna stay locked in the house all weekend long, working and being a good girl. Gotta get back on track. Anyway, it was all worth it. I had a blast! I don't regret one little drop!

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Gail Grannum said...

Love your real life honesty. Although my first love is yoga, I am back to including strength training to offset all my computer sitting time.
Keep up the great motivation,

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