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Thursday, November 8, 2007

How to Motivate Yourself, 101

Okay. So I'm in the gym today, sneaking in a quick hour of jump rope before dinner, and it's 5:45 or so...I'm about 40 minutes into the workout, jumping, pumping, rocking my beats and sweating up a pool. A guy enters at the far end of the studio, and starts doing his own calisthenics routine. As I pause to stretch my calves a bit, I hear him say "Heee-eeey",in a flirty somewhat salacious kind of way. I look down the floor towards him. "You talkin' to me?" I ask. That catcall of a hey really had come out of nowhere. He shook his head "no" vigorously. Okay. I figure, maybe he's listening to his Ipod and it came to a part where somebody said "Heee-eeey" on a song. A minute later he "Heee-eeeys" again. He also says "Yeeea-ahhhh!" and "it's gonna be a cold summer". NOW I'm checkin' on him for real. This is TOO wild. He does a quick burst of rapid fire push ups, jumps up, looks in the mirror, and says "Heee-eey". He poses and kisses one of his biceps. No kidding. This little scenario repeats over and over, with slight exercise variations and changes of word and phrase, but "Heee-eey" and "Yeeea-ahhhh!" remain steady favorites. I'm, at this point, trying not to laugh.

I'm loving this! He could give a damn that I was even in the room! He was gonna do his workout, with his motivational words, phrases and bicep kisses, NO holds barred, talking to himself the whole while. Gotta love that! After figuring it out, it was a bit harder for me to stay serious during my own workout. Every time I heard "Heee-eeey or "Yeeea-ahhhh!" I had to force myself not to laugh! Hey...I wasn't laughing at him, I was laughing WITH him (although I'd not seen him crack a hint of a smile the whole time). Yep. That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it!

This self talking, bicep kissing guy is a good example of "doin' it my way", and most of all, keeping himself motivated, as silly as it may have seemed. lol. So....now that you know this, realize that NOTHING you do in the gym or while working out is TOO SILLY. AS LONG as it keeps you motivated and KEEPS YOU GOING! How about THAT?! ....Now get your silly asses out there and put in some work!
Seriously! ;)

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bartolomo said...

Loved that post. It reminded me of a time about 15 years ago when I started running. I was very self conscious running the streets, wondering what neighbors and friends would think. Well, a decade and a half later, I'm still running, and I could care less what anyone thinks. I figure I'm in better shape than 99% of people my age, and probably 80% of everyone (except you, I'm sure!). Good luck.

Varish said...

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