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Thursday, December 20, 2007

I Must Bitch....

Yep. Right now. Today. It's building up, and I gotta get rid of some of it. I'm having one of those days where I really hate people.

This, followed by a day where I really got to feel and appreciate deeply the love of some of my people, namely my Forest Hills peeps. They are the BEST. Love them! They surprised me on Tuesday with a Christmas card stuffed full of $$$$. I love them, not because of the money, but because they care enough to show that they CARE, and they show that what I attempt to do for them on a weekly basis is noticed and appreciated. I love appreciation just like I love kindness and respect, two things that are quite high on my list. Now I gotta figure out how to bake my Forest Hills peeps a batch of low fat cookies or something. Like I said, LOVE them. They rock.

Now, moving on to less evolved, more self absorbed, self entitled types. Like the ones I got to sub for at Central Park West last night. I HATE snooty, self important, emotionless, rude, unappreciative humans, but the reality is, I sometimes find myself in a room full of them, and STILL try to give them my best, which I do, because I am, if nothing else, a consummate professional.

I walk in, give a great class, and at the end, where there is supposed to be courtesy and appreciation applause (this is simple etiquette, folks, and something you supposedly educated people should be familiar with) there is a silence, marked by only my and one girl in the front row's hands clapping for like 3 beats. The rest of them (all 20 or so) might as well have been corpses.

Can I just say that I really dislike people who think they are too above it all to give simple courtesy applause after taking your class? Yeah, I do. It's a pet peeve of mine. Simply because any time I'm standing in front of you giving instruction, I'm giving you my damn best. It's well thought out, well planned and well intentioned. I do more than just throw you enough exercises to get through the hour and get paid. I actually CARE what I'm serving up to you. And if you're fortunate enough to be taking my class, you should give a damn too. There are people out there that actually will take a day off work to come and get what I'm serving up, and there's a reason for it. They know and understand the quality of what I do. You think you're too good to clap? Stay out of exercise classes, then, because you have the manners of an ape. You don't belong in my presence, partaking of my knowledge and well intentioned efforts. And I mean that.

If I was some two bit instructor that came in and just skated through workouts, checking the clock periodically, bullshitting you just to get by, just making you do endless squats and pushups to run out the clock, I wouldn't care. But I do care, because I know that most people showing up for a class do want quality, not bullshit, and a quality class is something I bust my ass to try and deliver. I also know how rude it is to not show that appreciation to ANYONE that makes the effort to give you something so worthwhile. Something that not only empowers and strengthens you, but also helps add quality years to your life.
Those folks at the 6:00 class at CPW will NEVER have the honor of being taught by me again. Soak it up, bitches. It'll never come by again in your lifetime. Now, the two classes that I taught AFTER those vapid, lifeless 6:00 Stepford people were great. They actually had a pulse. I know you shouldn't throw out the baby with the bathwater, but hell, I do have a choice. I don't have to sub there EVER again (FD stamps her foot like a petulant little girl). And I won't! EVER.

Now, today, I teach a mean kickbox class in Times Square. Love my Thursday people too, cause THEY GET IT. I give them all my energy, and they give it right back. THAT'S what it is really all about. An exchange of good, clean, powerful energy. And on Thursdays (just like with my Tuesday crowd, and my Wednesday Wall St peeps, too), it happens every time.

But don't ya know, there had to be an asshole moment towards the end. Here are me and my peeps, rockin' it out and sweating hard with 10 mins to go before class is over, and some random guy comes strolling in at the back of the class (the door is there) and proceeds to just jump right in. I walk straight up to him and let him know that he can't just come in on the last 10 minutes of a class. "I'm already warmed up" he says, trying to ignore what I'm telling him. I stand right there, and shake my head. "You can't take the class". Why do people always insist upon arguing? When you KNOW you're in the fucking wrong? WHY then try to challenge? Paying a membership to a gym does not mean you can just walk in and do WTF you want anytime you want. Classes have timelines, and you must follow them. 12:00 class means get your ass there at or close enough to 12:00, or just forget about it. Go hit the treadmill or something.

He then asks me with that "I am SO reporting your ass and trying to get you fired" tone of voice "WHAT'S your NAME?!!" In the exact same tone of voice, I reply.
That 'I'm going to management' shit doesn't intimidate me. Especially when I know I'm in the right. Sandbox bully tactics don't work with me. Don't even try them. By the way, read the fucking rules. They state plainly that you cannot enter an exercise class more than 10 minutes after it has begun, UNLESS the instructor says it's okay. READ THE RULES BEFORE YOU COME TRYING TO CHALLENGE THE PERSON IN CHARGE.

I hate assholes. I really do. I wish there was a law against allowing them to walk the earth. But until I'm president, you know that shit just ain't gonna happen. ;) Such is life....

Ok, my rant is now officially over. And I leave you with one question: Did you show your exercise instructor or trainer some appreciation today? If so, we love you. Really. We do. If not, wake up and get your ass to it! We are the ones helping to save your life, bitches!

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