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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dragging My Arse....

That's what it feels like I'm doing this week. I gotta snap out of it! I have tons of crap to do, websites to complete, and on the social front, I don't even have New Year's Eve plans yet! Yikes!

I do have a couple Xmas parties lined up though. Yep, party girl, that's ME!

I am, however, making plans to go into the year 2008 kicking ass. In EVERY department in my life: my businesses, socializing and networking (I was damn near a hermit in 2007, unless I was outside blading or playing tennis), and spending more time with my family. They HARDLY EVER see me, and I know that when my ass breaks a leg, or a few ribs speeding down some wicked slope on a snowboard, THEY will be the ones rehabbing me and feeding me soup through a straw. Gotta keep 'em close and give them that respect! ;)

I also need to knock down the balances on some of my credit cards. NO MORE frivolous spending for me! Makes me want to cry, that last one, cause I LOVE frivolous spending! I'll just have to get over it!!!

2008 will also see me bringing you my hot exercise videos, which are in the works as we speak. Keep a lookout for them! They are truly going to be KICK ASS! You will be able to find them on SlimThisBody.com, as well of a couple other sites, which I will post here. I can't wait! Ok, Mon, gotta go to work!

Oh, and when my vids drop, they're going to be even better than THIS!:

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