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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Super Bowl, Baby!

So, my Giants have made it to the big dance, and now my most urgent task at hand this very moment is figuring out where my friends and I are gonna watch the game. I must admit, I've fallen off a bit with football, but from way back I have always been a huge fan. I just have so much going on now that I don't have time to watch all the games anymore.
I used to love the Philadelphia Eagles, the Pittsburgh Steelers, my poor NY Jets, and of course, my boys in blue, the Giants. I used to hate the 49ers and the Cowboys, because they were our main rivals. This was back in Joe Montana/Jerry Rice days. Lawrence Taylor, Deion Sanders, Randall Cunningham and Warren Moon. They were also my faves. I have screamed my throat out at many a playoff game, rooting for my guys to get in. Now, I get to do it all again this Sunday. I soon as I find a 'bowl worthy bar......

In the meantime, GO GIANTS!!!!

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durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Fitness Diva,

It's not as enjoyable watching the Super Bowl alone. Finding a place and the crowd you can be comfortable with is a much better option.

Too bad you were not able to participate in the free tickets being offered by Ellen Degeneres, she was giving out box seats at the VIP section!

The color of your site fits well with the persona you project as a fitness diva - being "in the pink".

Thanks for the quick view you took at my site. Maybe you can take photos of other people watching or a video of them in the bars where you'll go. Surely some interesting incident is bound to come up. You can then post this on your site. --Durano, done!

Sun Rhythms said...

GO PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Fitness Diva said...

Sorry to disappoint you, Sunny...
My boys TOOK it! Was a great game, though! Neither side has anything to hang their head about!

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