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Monday, January 7, 2008

"These Boots Were Made for Shreddin'......"

That's the new tune I'M singin'! Got my first pair of snowboard boots!!!! Aren't they cute?

Also got my cool as hell snowboard pants, a great insulated jacket, my goggles, face warmer, and a slew of other miscellaneous snowboard stuff. Betty is ready to ride! :)

So, my first crack at it comes up in two weeks at Okemo. I can't frickin' wait! I plan to take plenty of pics, and maybe even shoot some video. We'll see!

I must now give respect to the incredibly sturdy and detailed construction of snowboard clothing. Man, those pants I bought are SO tough I think they'll last about 70 years. The jacket too. And there's a pocket for everything you've ever thought of! They don't play when they make this clothing. I think that you can get dropped out in the cold, Arctic wilderness wearing snowboard gear, and do just fine. That's how intricately reinforced and insulated it is. Cool damn stuff! Can't wait to sport mine and test it out for real!

I'm doing two snowboard weekends back to back. Okemo first, and then Windham. A friend of mine told me I should do it the other way around, because the mountains at Windham are easier, but the die is already cast. I always prefer to take the harder route anyway. I'm betting on surviving the first (lol) so that I can really rip it up on the second. If the difference between the two is as my friend said, it should go exactly like that! Once again, WE WILL SEE! And, BTW, any advice from you veterans out there is welcome!

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