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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My "Getting Ready For the Slopes" Workout

I am really into prepping for things. Must be the Virgo in me that has me crossing every T and dotting every I whenever I do ANYTHING new.
So, I'm thinking....I need to be in snowboard shape before hitting the slopes. Now, mind you, I realize that just because you're fit in one sport or area, it doesn't mean you're just going to automatically come up aces in everything else. Just doesn't work that way, usually. Now, if we're gonna be kickboxing, stepping or jumping rope out there on the mountain, I've got it locked. But ya know it's not gonna be like that! ;)

One fun thing I'm doing is working out on my trampoline. Jumps, runs, and 180 and 360 degree turns (in the middle of a jump). I want to be able to do 180's and 360's on my board when I get the basics down. Yeah, I'm always a show off, and I HAVE to have neat tricks in my arsenal. I also want to be able to jump up on elevated surfaces like I see the other, more experienced snowboarders do. Hey, my health insurance is already re upped for the year, 'kay? lol. I've also been drinking milk. I think my bones can take it. ;)

By the way, I really don't expect to be doing all that crazy stuff my first few times out, but the minute I'm feeling like I've hit my stride, I'm damn sure gonna try! I'm a complete acrobatic ham on my rollerblades, so I can't imagine not being the same way on a snowboard!

Right now, I'm building up my jump muscles on the tramp, remembering to lift my knees up just about waist high when I jump-turn (an over exaggeration of the real jumps I'll be doing). Doing high jumps with the knees up is not only prepping me for the things I'm going to want to be doing, but it's a damn good heart rate elevator. I feel SO invigorated and worked out by the time I get through 25 minutes of jumping (which is how long I'm doing now), and am sweating nicely. It's so much fun, I'm going to start doing it twice a day; once in the morning and once at night, increasing the time to 30 mins, and then 35 or 40. Next week, I'll strap on ankle weights starting with 2lbs on each ankle, and then eventually increasing the weights to simulate the weight of the board (and boots + bindings). THAT's gonna be killer at first, but once I adjust, it'll be great.

I love these new workout sessions! I just put my music on, jump up on that trampoline, and GO! I alternate between high knee runs, fast paced Urban Rebounder style down jumps, my 180 & 360 degree jump-twists and turns, and high bounces pushing off the balls of my feet. Not only is it fantastic cardio, and somewhat sport (trick) specific, but it's also a super core tightener, and great core strength is essential in sports like skiing, snowboarding and surfing. It's also fun as hell! In fact, as soon as I finish this post, I'm going to pull out my tramp and get to work. Just WAIT til I hit that powder~! I'm gonna rip it UP!

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