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Friday, February 22, 2008

And Finally, Some Snow!

Yay! It's about damn time. I mean, this winter has been so schizo...60 degree days, followed by rain showers and then a cold day here and there. It has tried to snow a couple times before, but the weather has been so warm in New York this winter that it has never been able to stick for more than a day. Well, not today, baby! We've now got us some snow!

I don't know why this makes me so happy. But it does! ;)

It's not like I get to stay home from work or anything. lol. But until it gets trampled over and all peed on by the dogs, it's gorgeous!

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aphotog said...

wow! The pictures are gorgeous. Looks like a picture-book where you live. Glad you got the pix before the ensuing dog-pee time! Amazing how going to work can't get that silly grin off some people'sf aces when there's snow :)

The Fitness Diva said...


And yes, I'm glad I caught those early pics. Today, it's totally ruined, dog pee, slush and all!

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Fitness Diva,

Snow makes the place look clean and fresh doesn't it. It provides a nice romantic aura to a location. But after the dogs poop, it's a tricky walk avoiding all those poopy traps!:-)-- Durano, done!

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