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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Keeping the Creativity Flowing...

Now that my writer bug is on full tilt, it seems other aspects of my need to create are kicking in as well. I'm presently trying to work on a completely new class format that's just more kick ass than anything I've ever done. I've been experimenting with my class members (my favorite little lab bunnies) by changing up the formats from some of my classes. They have alot to look forward to in the next upcoming month or so. lol

See, I think that no matter how well you do something, after a while it can still get a little stale if you don't look into ways to take it to the next level, or even just flip it completely. I'm sure that just about everything that's doable in fitness has been done, but that being said, you can still find a way to add your own personal twist to something.
Also, now that I'm snowboarding, that has served to make me think more about how I'm training my body. Lot's of ideas about core training and fluidity come to mind when I'm brainstorming. I don't know exactly what I'm gonna come up with, but trust that I will figure it out.

One other thing that I noticed about myself after going snowboarding a few times is that I now have this fearlessness about falling. When you first learn to snowboard, you fall SO many times. In fact, everybody falls, beginner or not. The more you push to be better and do more advanced movements, the more you're gonna fall. I always come back from snowboarding with these nice little bruises.

Well, I noticed that when I went roller blading last week I felt so much more willing to take chances on performing certain little tricks I like to work on. I realize that falling on concrete and falling on snow are two different kinds of pain, don't worry! But I'm so much more willing to go for it! It's funny. After snowboarding I feel invincible! lol

Ok...gotta go work out! You all stay fit, now! ;)

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Oscar said...

where do you blade? im a novice myself, i began learning on south beach, but that was on a running track which is pretty much the perfect turf for beginners, i moved back to nyc and i find concrete hard and unforgiving, anysuggestions for a novice where to practice, anywhere in nyc is cool my schedule allows time for transportation, i find it better to go somewhwere for so i stick with it for a substantial amount of time, to distractions.
anyway nice blog, u have a new subscriber

The Fitness Diva said...

Hey, Oscar. Thanks for stopping in!

I live in Astoria, Queens, so we have a big park nearby. I like to blade around the circle in the park that surrounds the runner's track. 3 times around is a mile, so I do tons of laps.
In the city, I've found that the West Side Highway trail that runs from Battery Park city all the way up to the GWB is great for just working on your stride and going for distance. You can always go to the indoor rink at Chelsea Piers if you want to avoid the concrete. But really, you might as well get used to that, because the pavement is where you're going to be mostly. Invest in some knee pads and wrist guards, my friend, and you should be okay!
I also use playgrounds. During school hours, the kids are not really outside, so I can turn a playground into my own little skating rink. You can find those anywhere. Usually, the ones with handball courts have a large area outside the courts that you can use.
Take care, and I'll be sure to stop by your blog!

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