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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Blatant Plagiarism!!

So, I log on today, and decide to do key word searches on Google to see when and on what page my articles, posts, etc show up. Just a thing I do to see how well my SEO is working. Well, don't cha know, by doing this I found out that another blogger on Google just stole one of my posts, changed a few words around and has not given me the credit for MY hard work on that post! It's an article that I put on my other blog entitiled The Art of Flirting at the Gym". This dolt of a person, copied my article from paragraph to paragraph, and inserted their own bad grammar, substituted a few words throughout and didn't even bother to post a link to my blog where they found it. I am livid! That article was the result of my brainstorming, my writing, my editing and of course, my own personal view on the subject. How DARE people do that! I went on their blog and told them that what a talentless hack they must be to have to steal other people's work, and that they need to take it down. I will wage an all out war on this person's blog if I have to. And get this...I just posted the article to my own blog about two days ago, and here already today, they have it on THEIR blog! The absolute gall!! Anybody out here been through this? I'm looking into what I can do about this infringement on my copyright. This person doesn't have any personal info on their profile, so it's hard to contact them other than posting a comment on the blog. Any suggestions?

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Los Angelista said...

I'm always wondering what I'd do if I came across this. Can you contact blogger to ask for info on them? It's all so anonymous that I really don't know what you can do.

Sorry this happened to you.

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Fitness Diva,

Congratulations for the award! But I know what your concern is at the moment.

Is this fate or what? This blogger happened to drop by my site, didn't leave a comment, but I visited his site and left a few words. He's a Lawyer and they specialize in things like this. I told him if I or my friends are ever copied, I'd let him know. here is his URL:

Hope he can help.Never had to try him yet though. --Durano, done!

The Fitness Diva said...

Thanks, LA

I will contact Blogger and see what happens. The funny thing is, this person's writing ability is so non existent, there's no way they're going to have a successful blog anyway. They show a complete lack of being able to use correct grammar and basic sentence structure, etc. The horrendous rewrites and word substitutions they did on my article in certain sections point out very quickly that they are no writer. I guess that's one reason they're out here stealing.
This is a blog that was just started recently, with about 8 article type posts on it. I'm willing to bet the other posts are also stolen from other sources. Why even have a blog if you don't have anything to say?

The Fitness Diva said...

Thanks, Durano!

I will check on that and see what I can do. :)

Manchild said...

Hello Fitness Diva,

I'm feeling you on this one. Somebody copied my entire post, "Love, Sex, And Relationships," and thought they were doing me a favor. Go figure.

Copyright infringement is against the law. It's amazing how quickly people change their bad behavior when a lawyer gets involved.

Exposing them will alert the rest of us to beware. Let us know who they are so we can help you shut down this particular site if necessary.


The Fitness Diva said...

I am all over it right now.
Check this:
Do a Google search on the exact title of your article or post. You should be the one that comes up first on the Google search page. If there is anyone else with the same exact title behind you, click the link and check the post. You'll be surprised and shocked to find that it is your own!
Not only that...by using YOUR post they are getting a great page rank for THEIR site, without even lifting a finger beyond "copy and paste".
I have now found two bloggers plagiarizing my works by using this method. Check it out! And when you find a plagiarist, send their web host an email.
I am SO DONE with having my work stolen! I'm a lover AND a fighter, and when you start stealing from me, IT'S ON!! I WILL take you down!
Manchild, send me the link of this person's site, and I'll send you some pertinent information on how to deal with it. This is my latest crusade.
And for those of you out there stealing content just to have a Google income earning site, WATCH OUT!!! We're on to you, and we're coming to SHUT YOU DOWN! You NO talent beyotches!!!

The FD

Motley Health said...

I use the Google Alerts tool to alert me to my main keywords - it has helped spot a few things. Also Copyscape is useful. Problem is, preventing people from copying your content is impossible. Some of my most popular articles have been copied many times, to the extent that I see other people referencing sites that have copied my work! And one site copied my whole website once, just changed the site logo, and added some adverts.

Plagiarism is strife on the net. The more popular your site becomes, the more it will be copied. But, the search engines should mostly give you the credit, as your article should hopefully be listed first, and therefore have the authority.

vb-expert said...

Mu Congrats for the award!

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