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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Last Chance to Shred Some Snow...

Well, as you know, the snowboarding and skiing season is a short one. Kind of a November to March, early April thing (if you can find someplace still making snow!).
Unless you live in Iceland or close to one of the poles, it's pretty much getting to be crunch time. Boarders far and wide will soon resignedly hang up their snowboards, and then turn to their "summer sports".

So my snow friends and I have been scrambling to try to get another day or weekend in! This hasn't been easy, because the last two weekends have been horrible weatherwise. Either blizzards, non stop rain, icy conditions, etc. But it looks like we're gonna get to ride in a couple days, cause some good snow's a comin'.

So, while out here Googling all manner of snowboard and skiing topics, I came upon these boards where people discuss their skiing and snowboarding injuries. Not really the best thing to do if you're squeamish, but I'm not. I also read somewhere this blog of a guy who snapped his tibia coming down the mountain snowboarding. I'm like, "damn...that had to be wicked painful". Hmmmmm.... Let's see if we can find a pic of such a break! Well, I dug up not only a tib break, but a fibula AND tibia break in the leg. Check it out!

Pretty gnarly, huh? LOL. Makes you think twice about what yer doin' up on that there slope! I know I plan to be careful as HELL. I'm not getting brought home with one of THOSE. Unh uh! Looks like it would take a damn long time to heal, too. Poor thing! I bet that person was out of commission for months!

Anyway, here's keeping my fingers and toes crossed on my next snowboarding trip! It's gonna be too fun! And DO NOT tell me to break a leg!


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animecrunchy said...

Wow that's should hurt. Can't imagine he feel when his leg broke.

Urban Thought said...

That doesn't even look attractive. Enough to make me want to stay away from anyone's snow.

Never got into winter sports. Actually, I'm not a fan of winter. Give me the sports of summer any day. I'm sure there is a lot of risk in that department. Somehow I feel safer.

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Fitness Diva,

I'm not going to say anything about any leg. Just be careful and have a lot of fun.

That photo is excruciating to look at. He may have cursed snowboarding too because of it.

So, off you go. Be back in one whole piece! --Durano, done!

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