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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pole Dancing the New Fitness Craze - In China

Well, is nothing sacred? Everywhere in the world now, you can find striptease dance classes, erotic dance workshops, and that old strip club staple, pole dancing. "Pole dancing. It's not just for strippers anymore!"

In the past couple years, the stripper pole has become such a pop culture item, that people have begun having them installed in their houses. You no longer have to go to the Jiggly Room to find a woman swinging and undulating on a pole. Just go home.

The Chinese, who tend to follow popular American trends closely, are now mad about pole dancing. Pole dancing classes have popped up in all the major cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, and membership is exploding like crazy.

Luo Lau, a Chinese dancer who caught the fever after seeing her fist pole dance in Paris, came back and decided to open her own pole dancing studio in Beijing. For about 1200 yuan a year (roughly $15 a session), you can take this class a few times a week. The once conservative and demure young ladies of China now show up for class in sexy go go boots, high heels, short skirts and belly shirts to learn this new art form, and to learn to express the more sensual side of themselves.

As Luo Lau explains: "It's not about sex, it's about fitness". Under the guise of that motto, Chinese women are willing and able to take it to the limit and really let go, becoming not only fitter, but getting to express freely the more sexual side of themselves. As stated before, membership is up, and the classes are packed. Many will travel far and wide to get in on this athletic and sexy workout.

What's next? You should almost be afraid to ask, in this day and time where no longer is anything taboo. I can only imagine what the next fitness trend is going to be!

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durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Fitness Diva,

The statements of these women could be mere cover ups. China is into a sexual revolution of sorts due to the education, income, lifestyle, and freedom of its younger workforce.

Women are into casual sex because boyfriends tend to be too complicated. Bars are available for meetings and small rooms at the backstreets or a hotel are made available for these instant couples.

There's still a lot of taboo about it but the increased tolerance has made the activity rampant.

Perhaps pole dancing will be part of the process to heighten their casual enjoyment. Some people we talked to said that after sometime, it gets pretty boring and mechanical. --Durano, done!

Urban Thought said...

Poll Dancing and Belly Dancing are big at the gym I go to.

I know a lot of hot Chinese woman. I'm not talking hot as in looks but hot in the area of wanting to get their grove on.

The folks in China are doing their thing. That's what's up.

The Fitness Diva said...

Hey, I understand the "boyfriends are too complicated" mindset. lol I try to avoid having BF's at all costs. Haaaa. Nothing like sweet freedom!
But the Chinese have been repressed and controlled for so long, that you can't blame them for trying to branch out and learning to loosen up a bit.

It's like when you're too strict on your kids....the moment they get out, they go wild and try to do EVERYTHING you told them not to, and then some.
Heck, imagine what would happen if the North Koreans ever got the chance to fully express themselves and live completely free, doing whatever they want and feel. Talk about wild...their next generation would go completely NUTS!

Yep, the Chinese are finally getting their groove on, and more power to 'em. And they approach it with the same diligence, hard work and determination they apply to everything else! Go, China!

earthlingorgeous said...

Hi Fitness Diva,

I believe pole dancing, and other sorts of sexy dancing class, like belly dancing and striptease.

I believe it's Demi Moore's fault hahahaha! she started this curiousity about pole dancing and sexy dance.

Also, Chinese women I think, same as any other Asian women have the tendency, as ages of centuries culture dicated on them, to please their man and submit to their man. So everytime something new comes out and they see their man interested, they go sign-up immediately because they want to please their man.

Also they want to be seen by their man as the sexiest woman alive even for a moment.

But that is just my two cents.

Nice blog btw. :) Keep on blogging! :)

Oscar said...

That's weird, I just read an article about so many American women are now wanting to work in rice fields.....

dejanae said...



im not tryna take one of those classes and bust my head open
so not a good look
and my upper body strength

you need to stop
it's madness
you do too many stuff i wish i was doin
i'm jealous

Brett said...

I believe pole dancing is coming up in a huge way and it has just grown and grown especially in the UK!

PoleDancing2020 said...

I can see pole dancing being a fitness craze anywhere, it is so much fun! I can not think of a better workout...

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