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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Absolute Male Perfection!

Okay. I've collected myself and can speak now. Last night I was channel surfing, and came across this Adonis of a man in some movie with Virginia Madsen, on my way to watching "Workout". My finger got stuck on the remote button, and I couldn't move it for about 20 minutes, I swear. I missed the first part of my other show because I was transfixed by this INCREDIBLE display of male beauty. His name is Jason Momoa, and I've learned that he's also on a series called Sci Fi. WHY haven't I seen MORE of him in movies and on the tube? Is Hollywood absolutely CRAZY??? I'd buy a ticket to ANYTHING this man appears in!!! ENJOY!

More Jason loveliness can be found here: http://www.tv.com/jason-momoa/person/33749/photos.html

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durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Fitness Diva,

For a while there I thought you've illegally gotten hold of a recent photo of mine. LOL! :-)

He is good looking with a great body to boot. And, most importantly, he doesn't look like he will lock anyone up in a cellar or something. :-( --Durano, done!

The Fitness Diva said...

Well, it would be nice of him to ask.... a girl can dream, ya know! ;)

Anonymous said...

i also got stuck on the same channel watching the same movie "Tempted" with this beautiful man. OMG! he is absolutely devine! but i was still able to catch "workout", and can i just say that i'd rather watch this man brush his teeth. lol.

Anonymous said...

He plays on Stargate atlantis that is on Sci-Fi. He has a girlfriend, lisa bonet. They have 1 daughter together. He also played on Baywatch Hawaii and Northshore.

The Fitness Diva said...

Daaaayyyyummmm!!! He's with Lisa Bonet???? That girl sure knows how to pick 'em!!

I'm TOO jealous!!!! ;)

Their daughter must be BEYOND gorgeous!

Anonymous said...


A recent Picture of Him and lisa and the baby. And yes the baby is a cutie.

liza.shul said...

He certainly is a fine specimen of a man. *drool*

Anonymous said...

He was in Baywatch in the late 90's/early 00's!

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I completely believe with you, this man is utterly gorgeous.

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